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Interview With Rose: The Fire Starter

Hello! Thanks for joining me, Sunny Abernathy, Tonight we are chatting with Rose (Kate Moseman) and learn about her life as an Elemental Witch on the shores of Sunny Florida. Sound good? Stayed with me. After the interview I will post links to two giveaways for free books and Amazon gift cards. Click on Kate’s…

HIGHLIGHTS From 2020 Blog Posts…..

THANK YOU , the feedback on Meet the Author Kari Shuey blog post was excellent and over the weekend newsletter subscribers got their first one showcasing author, Natillie Painter.

Tomorrow we’ll be posting Meet the Author: T.K. Barber and on October 1st next newsletter will go out telling about the love story writer, Sunny Abernathy.

Natillie Painter is counting down the days to her first release: A Nightmare of a Birthday in the SpellCaster’s Halloween Limited Stories, available on Amazon KU!

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    1. Thank You , I feel like we have come a long way from a year ago


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