Interview With Rose: The Fire Starter

Hello! Thanks for joining me, Sunny Abernathy, Tonight we are chatting with Rose (Kate Moseman) and learn about her life as an Elemental Witch on the shores of Sunny Florida. Sound good?

Stayed with me. After the interview I will post links to two giveaways for free books and Amazon gift cards. Click on Kate’s picture over here to be taken to her Amazon page and you can read the first two novels in the Trilogy and Pre-Order book #3


SA: Hi, Rose thank you for being here. Do I call you Rose, Rosie, Rose the Witch?

Rose: You can call me Rose.  Rosie sounds like Rosie the Riveter.

SA: Should we start with a little background? What was growing into adulthood in a sunny seaside paradise like Sparkle Beach really like?

R: I preferred dark corners in the local library to the sunny seaside, most of the time.  Unless my friends dragged me outside.

SA: But it’s not like that any longer, is it?

R: It’s a lot different than it used to be.  My new magical powers are keeping me busier than ever.

SA: Now to anyone who hasn’t read “Silver Charms”, would you care to fill us in on what turned your life upside down to lead to your friend, Kate Moseman, telling your story in “Silver Charms”?

R: Apparently, hanging out with my friend Luella can lead to catching magic powers like they were the flu.  Not to mention manifesting a magical fire cat familiar.

SA: Now you are an elemental witch. Care to tell us what it is you can do?

R: I can create and control fire, and I can also read minds and convince people to do things.

SA: To those who have read “Silver Charms” they probably think, and rightly so, that this should be a group chat with Luella and Pepper, too. Maybe even Hilda. Wouldn’t you agree?

R: Hilda probably wouldn’t deign to join in.  Pepper and Luella, definitely.  They’re always up for adventure.

SA: I know each of my friends have different strengths. I know who will come to my aid, I know who lift me in prayers, and such. What aspects of friendship do you attribute to Luella, Pepper? Even Oliver and your sister could have an answer to this question too.

R: My sister, Izzy, is the optimistic one- and the total opposite of me, in that respect.  So she’s the one who tries to bring me up when I’m being a pessimist.  My friend Luella is just one of those sweet, even-keeled people (not like me, haha!) who always tries to find common ground and solve problems.  Pepper… well, Pepper’s the wild card who will kick you in the ass or hug you, as the situation requires.  And Oliver – I may be a fire witch, but he’s too hot for his own good.  Or mine.

SA:  When your phone rings who is mostly liking to be calling that you WOULD answer? Whose name would you see and ignore? Not to be rude but some people just make us think “not now.”

R: I always answer for Isabella, Luella, and Pepper.  I like to make my boyfriend Oliver work for it, so I might occasionally let it go to voicemail.  Don’t tell him I said that.

SA: I bet you have a name of a good vet in your contacts. Care to us about Braveheart and his kitty cat roommate?

R: Braveheart is my foster dog who’s looking more and more like a permanent addition to the household.  He had to be rehomed from an owner who didn’t have time or patience to work with him, but he’s doing great now.  Horatio, my little black magical fire cat, is my constant companion.  He still likes to curl up by the fireplace- or in the fireplace.

SA: What is a normal for everyone else, peaceful kind of day, look like for you?

R: A normal, peaceful day looks like: double shot espresso, a shift at the Suntan Queen factory, maybe a dog-training client, followed by meeting up with Luella and Pepper; Oliver; or my sister, Izzy.

SA: Since you live in place a lot of people flock to for vacation (Florida), where would you like to go to get away?

R: I thought about going up to the Smoky Mountains, but after my friend Pepper went to this incredible resort just south of here, I decided to tell Oliver that he had to take me there ASAP.  Of course he had to agree.

SA: You going there alone?  (Nod & wink😊)

R: LOL you know Oliver’s coming with me.

SA: Do you think you and your coven could ever agree on a place for a girl’s weekend? If you go camping you know you don’t need to worry about the matches at least.

R: I think we should do a girls’ trip to Miami.  After what I’ve heard about the witching community down there, I don’t think we can pass up a trip.

SA: What is instore for you next, Rose?

R: Recovering from Pepper’s most recent adventure.  Let me tell you – I wasn’t expecting that…

SA: Last question, if you, or your conven, had a theme song what would it be?

R: My theme song is “Burn”, by The Cure, obviously.  If I were to pick one for me and my friends, it would have to be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.

SA: Thank you so much for coming by and chatting with me and lighting all my candles, I swore I had a lighter laying around just yesterday.

R:  Thank you for having me.  I hope I lit your curiosity, too.

SA: Definitely. Tell Pepper hi for me, maybe she’ll come and let me ask her a few questions sometime….like in February 2022?

R: I’ll pass along the message after she gets back from… well, you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you? 😉

SA: I see what you did there.

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