Interview with Blake

Hello! Hello!

As I mentioned back in April I thought it would be fun to interview a Character, who has come to life through an author we already know.

Anastasia Austin has brought a book boyfriend to us on the streets of Towering Pines. We already met his brother, Luke, when the series started with “Love on Luke & Main.”

This time around we read “Love on Blake & Main.”  Where Parker Rose is the new girl, woman, in town and needs a construction crew. Then Blake Anderson walks into her life and she is never the same.

Sunny: Hi, Blake, thanks for chatting with me today.

Blake: Hey.

Sunny: Want to tell the people out there what you are wearing today?

Blake: Strange question to open with but okay. Jeans, T-shirt, work boots.

Sunny: Is that your normal attire? Or do you dress differently for work? What is it that you do exactly for  those who don’t know.

Blake: Loose clothing is a bad idea when you do construction work.

Sunny: And that is how you met Parker?

Blake: Yeah. Renovating the old co-op downtown into her coffee and cupcake shop. Parker’s Place. You should check it out. Best coffee you’ll ever have.

Sunny: What was it, is about her? Would you call it love at first sight?

Blake: Parker has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known. She’s small but strong. Shy but fierce. Who wouldn’t fall for her on sight?

Sunny: Do you think, or know, if she felt that way too in the beginning?

Blake: That’s for Parker to say.

Sunny: They say opposites attract. That seems to be true with you and Parker. But tell me has that been the case with your past relationships too?

Blake: I’d rather not talk about that.

Sunny: Word gets around in a small town. You don’t always have come off as having a great reputation or great attitude all the time. What do you have to say to that?

Blake: They’re not wrong.

Sunny: Your brother, Luke, has a girlfriend named Haley. Haley and Parker seemed to really hit it off. Do you ever get paranoid of what secrets they might spill to each other?

Blake: I trust my Parker.

Sunny: Being so close with Luke and Haley….I need to ask, have they ever c*ck Blocked you? On accident or on purpose?

Blake: I did that well enough on my own. They never got the chance.

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Sunny: Long term what do you think you need to do to keep a lady like Parker happy and fulfilled? She is a little unsure about herself sometimes and I’m sure she’ll look to you to tell her she is on the right track.

Blake: Parker doesn’t need me to keep her on track. But I’m always there for her.

Sunny: When you need to apologize for something are you a say it kind of guy, or beg for forgiveness through flowers or jewelry first?

Blake: I’m not that good with words. Or apologies. Still trying to figure that stuff out.

Sunny: Are you an ask permission first kind of guy….or easier to ask for forgiveness later?

Blake: Well, that depends on the situation, doesn’t it?

Sunny: Last question before I let you go. What is something Parker thinks you need to work on? Do you agree?

Blake: I always agree with my Parker. Except when she thinks she’s not good enough. She’s the most amazing woman on the planet. She’s proven it, time and time again, with how much of my crap she’s put up with. Especially, the fighting. That might always be a work in progress.

Sunny: Thank you so much for coming by Big Canvas Reads and chatting with me.

Here’s your link to check out Blake for yourself…IF you haven’t already.

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