Amazon Prime Days Are Coming

Why does this matter? Well not that I am a Amazon Influencer I have to take a class to prepare for it. I didn’t know I would have learnin’ to do. LOL. Seriously, I do need to get more items placed on…or in?…my store front. I order and review on Amazon every day so it is not like I don’t have products I highly recommend. I was a little irked that an item that SUCKED and I gave a “never buy this!” review on was ‘filtered’. I have so much to learn and hearing from people that applied and weren’t accepted really has me questioning why I was picked. But since I was I need to make the most of it. My primary goal is to showcase my awesome author and entrepreneur friends that sell on sites such as amazon, etsy, and their own sites.

There it is my link. All official like. And if there is any product you have JUST Loved, that is totally BUZZ worthy, let me know, don’t be shy.

With/On Instagram I have enjoyed a few perks in the way of free shipping, discounts, or free samples. I try to film several videos at once and then post them as the week goes by. So don’t worry I do own more than two shirts. Getting dressed in ‘real’ clothes is very over rated now that I have lived through a pandemic lockdown and have spent eighteen months in my pajamas.

Find me on Insta at Sunny has an account on there too

On there you can see my HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL Videos of the great products I have become a brand ambassador for. Amora coffee….fantastic cold brew. I am a very happy camper with @Amoracoffee. Salty Sailor Coffee, once again I am VERY happy with their “Davey Jones’ Locker” Cold Brew. I also got their breakfast Roast but have NOT tried that yet. Another coffee company…seriously I said I loved coffee and next thing I knew coffee in all shapes and sizes was showing up on my doorstep. So this last one is New Orleans Coffee Company. I chose to try the Southern Butter Pecan K-cups and OMG!! so good. No bitter after taste. and their prices??? Amazing! like $6 for a box of k-cups! Great flavor for that price. Great flavor for any price. My Favorite Coffee Co. is probably BONES coffee, great, unique flavors in bean, ground, and k-cups. But they have yet to supply any kind of cold brew and that makes me sad going into summer. On Amazon I did get my favorite cold “brewer” device added to my store front.

What’s in for me? Self importance? The title of adding “amazon influencer” to my pedigree? Elevate my friend’s great novels? Yes. There is potential to make money but I haven’t really figured that out yet. I make about 75cents a day…maybe two bucks a day on weekends. When I start buying and reviewing 90inch High Def televisions then you’ll know I figured it out. LOL. Seriously I have no need or room for a 90 inch TV. But I guess that is neither here nor there.

This weekend I made and sold a few book covers. Made some I liked for myself. And made some bookstagrammer photos for Instagram and newsletters for Sunny and myself. I love that we work as a team even though we read and write very different stories. We have some fans that over lap on our social medias and that is great. I always thought I was weird for liking so many different genres. At local bookclubs everyone always seemed to be in one lane. Thus I felt like the odd ball. But in the last year or so I have learned that people more often than not, read two or three different genres. The only except I have really found is in readers who prefer sweet, clean, wholesome romance. They seem to only trust and prefer those authors. And that is OK. As long as you are reading I don’t care if it is a best seller or the back of a cereal box.

Magical Mayhem and Murderous Mysteries will be out on August 30th. My story is “Philomena’s Magic Museum” based loosely on a relative of the Famous Marie Laveau and the VooDoo Museum she ran in New Orleans. This is my first try at a cozy mystery. You can pre-order now on AMAZON…OF course!

Thank you for listening, reading, checking in, and supporting me (along with Sunny Abernathy). We are a jack of all trades, trying to be a master at all around here at Big Canvas Reads.

I’ll be back with more book reviews AND the Character interview of “Blake” from “On the Corner of Blake and Main” by Anastasia Austin, later this month.

Best Wishes, Natillie Painter

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