I have been MIA…

I seem as though I have been MIA BUT in reality I have been online all day everyday. I have read a ton of great books by fellow indie authors and that is the main reason I am here today. If you find me on instagram at @natilliepainter you will see the main reason I have been away from the blog but I have been trying to get into the habit of adding the tag #bigcanvasreadsblog and #bigcanvasreadsreviews for any authors and novels I promote.

Sunny Abernathy has been swamped with her last six months of stories released in anthologies and has enjoyed success. Including earning her first Orange Tag, #1Amazon best seller, for adult fiction anthologies for the “Red Shoe Chronicles.” Congratulations to Sunny, the amazing Natasha Larry, and all of the other contributing authors.

My favorite book of late is by an author I have read before, and have enjoyed every time. Kate Moseman. This time I am here to shine a light on her second novel in her Magical Elements Series. Silver Charms. I loved this novel. SO much going on with all the characters, but never once did it seem muddled or confusing. The midlife, mature, woman is really making a presence in the novel word and I love it. In Silver Charms, we once again follow Rose, a woman in her 40’s who only recently discovered she is a witch and finds out, so are most of her friends. Book 3 is up for pre0order on Amazon and I highly recommend you get caught up on the series. Yes, you need to read them in order.

Another novel I have enjoyed recently is also book #2 in a series. The Second Life of Everly Beck. by Laura Reden. This series too, has paranormal elements. As with most series, but not all, you do need to read these in order to understand the ‘tethered souls’ concept. Can you imagine finding the love of your life in your the neighbor you grew up with. But now you are reincarnated and living a life as a tethered soul. What if the first time around you died young enough to not only have time to find your soulmate again but also see your parents…again. This was a concept I had never come across before and buy now I figured, between myself and others, no ideas are new to me anymore. BUT this series is totally new concept to me and the author played it out very well. There are a few times a little clarification when talking about parents from past lives was have been helpful, and that is the only thing that kept me from 5stars.

“Chasing Romeo” by Sarah Ready is clever and witty Rom-Com, Chick-flick style novel. The author used clever cliches to her advantage instead of using them as something we have all read before. The setting for the novel is Romeo, NY which…to my amazement…does exist. Chloe has learned, through unconventional ways, that her soul mate is named Matt Smith. And he might as well be named John Doe. She enlist some help to find her needle in the haystack of a beau but that resource turns out to have devious intentions. 5star. I first discovered this author through reading her ARCs and now I am a fan.

The next is FanBoy, which is part of the Cruisin’ Around, multi-author series. WHICH Sunny Abernathy is a part of in Sept of 2022. Anyhow, I enjoyed this novel more than I have the others in the series I have read. Rebecca Lovell did a great job at incorporating the cruise ship into the novel instead of mentioning it as an after thought. We meet Matt who stays up late to read his favorite fan fiction author post a new chapter. He isn’t exactly an awesome catch. But he is sweet at his core and is over joyed when he gets a chance, for free, to board the cruise ship that is holding a ‘convention’ for his favorite tv show, Paranormal. He hopes to meet the author of his beloved fanfiction. But the day “he” is suppose to sign autographs, “he” is no where to be found. What starts is a great under dog story and the good guy gets the girl. 4stars.

“RED ARROWS” is part of a series (a theme today??) full of reimagined fairytales by Jessie Cal and Laura Burton. Now reimagined fairytales have been wildly popular lately and it is getting hard to be original to our old, well known, tales. And these two authors did it. They mix old and new tales together, family drama, crossing the line, and making characters be actually related to each other in a way that makes perfect sense. Very clever and “why didn’t I think of that!” ideas. Find the series on Amazon.

The last novel I am mentioning is by fellow Midwesterner, Anastasia Austin. Also book #2 in a series. “Love on Blake and Main” is a small town romance with a new-to-town nerdy girl becoming the object of affection for the town’s brooding hunk….WHO just happens to be her contractor for the building she needs to renovate. BUT Blake has some anger issues that might be a red flag before entering into a new relationship.

I am mentioning “Blake on Main” last because he is going to be the subject of my first character interview. I am taking a break form interviewing authors and instead get to know their characters better instead. And good looking, working man, who pines for the new girl is jus the type of character I want to talk to to see if I get him in to open up. That interview will be later this month.

Check back soon….there are so many new books coming out this month that I need to read faster than I already do.


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