Sunny Interviews International Romance Author, Tirza Schaefer

SA: Today we have Tirza Schaefer with us.

TS: Thank you so much for having me. It’s an honour. And my I say how much I admire you for tirelessly supporting and promoting fellow authors. That’s very special and we all appreciate you for that so much.

SA: You are a romance writer from Across the Pond. Where exactly is your writing desk? And what style of romance do you specialize in? Erotic? Sweet?

TS: My desk is situated overlooking our patio and garden. We live just outside of Cologne in Germany in a more rural little town whose name only Germans can pronounce so I won’t bother you with that. It’s basically like a suburb to Cologne. My romance is definitely steamy and has some kink in it, a little touch of dominance on the male part.

And lately, meaning since last year, I have also taken to writing reverse harem romance with a slight reverse age gap, too. My female MCs are in their 40s, the male ones in their late 20s to 30s.

SA: What do you feel sets your novels apart?

TS: First and foremost feeling. I’ve been told time and again, I can describe and transport emotions very well. And I do feel all the emotions I write that my characters go through. In fact, a psychic friend of mine from the UK once messaged me, saying she suddenly felt compelled to think of me and tune in and felt this great sadness. She asked whether I was alright. I told her I was fine, I had just written a very sad scene and cried along with my character. We had a great giggle at that. So I guess the energy is in there and transports to the reader.

SA: Are all of your novels set in your native Germany?

TS: Actually, hardly any are. A couple of the early ones are but most are set in the USA. I also have one in Bulgaria and my Seals in Spain trilogy centers in Spain but has international locations in it. Or will have. It’s still an ongoing project. My other series I am writing, The Milf Diaries, is set in Brooklyn for the most part but they also venture into different states and to Spain. With a guest appearance of the Seals in Spain trilogy characters in Book 3. I have travelled a lot in my life and am planning to do some more, so I like to bring in different locations once in a while.

SA: What is something common place in your home land us American people would lose our minds over?

TS: Gun control. LOL! And we actually face our history, the darkest part, Hitler and the Nazis. We don’t tell Jewish people, it wasn’t that bad, it’s over now and to get over it like it happens in the US with slavery and indigenous genocide. Heavy stuff, I know. But I think those really are the major points that set us apart.

We’re also very scientific-minded, much less prone to religious fanaticism. But then again, we have stifling rules and regulations, not to mention the bureaucracy. And a lot of expats who live here have said that Germany is one of the most difficult countries to set up your own business in. It’s very hard to set up and start out. We, as a nation, like security that comes with a regular paycheck from paid employment, everything is insured, etc. We lack the pioneering spirit, the adventure and willingness to take risks to get ahead in life. And our houses are built with bricks and mortar. You won’t find wooden houses here, like you have in the states, unless you’re talking cabins in the mountains but not ordinary single family homes,

SA: What do you do on bad weather days?

TS: The same as I do when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. I sit at my laptop and work, sometimes I read, not as much as I would like, though. I have a couch outside on the patio, so when the weather permits, I just take my laptop out there to work. It’s literally just a few feet apart, separated by the outside wall at the back of the house overlooking the garden.

SA: Favourite Holiday? And any traditions set around it?

TS: My favourite holiday was going to Italy and Luxembourg with my children. We had such a great time, just the four of us, exploring. It was wonderful. The children have the fondest memories of it, too. We have not been able to travel much on our own due to mobility and financial issues. I don’t have a driver’s licence, either, I never learned to drive. Can you imagine? A German who can’t drive a car? But I still love speed. I once went 240km/h with a friend and it was one of the best times of my life.

SA: Barefoot, slippers, sandals? High heels? Cowboy, boots? These are important things your fans want to know.

TS: Haha! Around the house, I wear flipflops. When I go outside in cold or cooler weather, I wear boots, when it’s warm enough, I wear sandals.

SA: Are you a drinker at all? OR do you relax with the non-alcoholic stuff?

TS: I never drank much alcohol in my life but when my stomach started to be more sensitive, I had to stop because it caused me pain. I do miss my summer prosecco and mojito once in a while but because I had alcohol maybe three to four times a year only before that it’s not a great sacrifice.

SA: Any new works on the Horizon you want to share before I let you get back to your writing?

TS: Oh, lots! So I mentioned my two series above. I am writing on the second book of the Seals in Spain trilogy now. I’m 20K and it’s really hot and has horses and a helicopter in it at the start.

Then there is The Milf Diaries series which is next. Book 1 and 2 are already out and I have started on Book 3 already as well, so that will come out in the not too distant future. And then I have a standalone novella that was part of an anthology called Summer Heat last year. I’ve extended it by 6K words. It’s going through edits now and will be published on the 21st of April, my son’s birthday. He will be 22, which is a master number, if you’re familiar with numerology at all, and I thought, that’s a good day to release the next book. So watch out for “A Little Slice of Heaven”!

Then I am also working on the first book about Goddesses. It’s a spiritual work, as I am also a spiritual life coach for women. I center my work around working with archetypes, mainly Goddesses. I have probably a hundred pages on my website of spiritual information as well as those with literary topics. But don’t worry, it’s organised very well so everything is easy to find and all free. Of course, I also offer paid services like various oracle card readings and coaching or voice overs. I love reading out loud, so that was a natural thing to do professionally for me as well.

SA: Wonderful. Thank you for chatting with us. I must say I do love your book covers. Elegant and streamlined.

TS: That is what we Germans call making a virtue out of necessity. I didn’t have the money to get a cover designer to do all my thus far 30 published books and I don’t have any skills in that area, so I needed to do my own with a free online program and keep it simple. I wanted the books to have a branded look, though, so you can see it’s mine at a glance. This is how I came up with the design. The good thing is, you can even read the print copies on public transport. No one will know you’re reading steam level 5. Now as to your facial expression while you’re reading, I cannot vouch for that. You know, rosy cheeks, diluted pupils, accelerated breath… Or laughing out loud on occasion. I do like a bit of humour to lighten things up now and then as well.

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