Sell Books with Spending Money

What you can do without spending $

Being a New Author can be very expensive. Those that have been around the block and have a little monetary luck in book sales seem to offer up advice that boils down to you spending money. Sorry, but I can not and will not buy a $200 book cover or spend $500 on an editor for a book I will sell as an ebook for 99cents. 

Today I am here with a real quick article about advice I give out regularly because I am asked regularly. I am TIGHT with money…so I also tell people to never pay for book reviews or followers. They want your money, they could care less if you succeed. 

I was asked in a message and have been asked before so I figured I would answer openly.

I am on social media for a minimum for 3 hours a day . I have 3 bookbubs, 3goodreads, 3instagrams, 3 twitters, I Pinterest, 1 Medium account, 1 Blog, 1 website, 2 newsletters, then on MeWe I have one account & one group. Then on Facebook I have my personal account, 4 pages, and one very active group9Hit publish!) I start promoting my books and friends books as soon as there is a cover. And promote like crazy when the Pre-Order is up. I tell people — -> You never wait till the book is out, unless you are going to spend a lot of money on ads. CONSTANT upkeep is key, whether you are promoting just yourself or “advertising” for friends(fellow authors) too. POST SOMETHING even if you don’t have a new-ish book of your own. Just Post. SO when you do have book out people say “Oh, I know that name.”

Get a freebie/reader magnet out on Bookfunnel and Story Origin. Join Newsletter builders Such as Fiction-Atlas Author Builders ( and groups such as Writer’s Vision where we swap shares on sites ( AND of course, HIT Publish! ( where you post your new release to be shared by myself and others to help you launch.

Other things out there to use….be a guest host on a fellow author’s podcast. Do takeovers in groups in your genre. Sign up for blog tours through Promo companies that are successful (RESEARCH! I have wasted money on lazy bloggers,) A YouTube channel (booktube) where, like Facebook, you could even do live readings of your novels. Audiobooks (if you can afford them.)

Be consistent with your hashtags on all your platforms (yes, Pinterest too) for instance I put #hitpublish on everything I post.

Just liking a post isn’t enough. Hit the heart button on facebook, do a quick comment on Instagram , not just the heart and keep scrolling, You must truly support each other. On Goodreads “like” your friend’s currently reading, reviews, etc. Same thing with Amazon reviews, click “helpful” even on your OWN reviews.

Booksprout for free, get reviews …for free…Book does NOT have to be a NEW release to be put on Booksprout. There is also BookCave and other promo sights FOR after your book is out and you put it on sale. 

Newsletter, Newsletter, Newsletter. I can’t stress this enough. I personally use SendFox. 

Then of course there are sponsored posts, promoted posts, and ADS on every platform possible. I personally have only spent money, and very little, on Pinterest, it is by far the platform I get the most traffic on.

It is a lot I know. Good Luck. Don’t be scared to asked questions But If you can, aren’t already, join author groups and scroll through previous posts. 99% chance someone has had the same question.

and 99% chance I am forgetting something.

Thanks for reading. 

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