What?? 3 Posts in one month??

Well, it is February. AND it has been cold and dark. And oh, my the hell that was unleashed on Texas. The coldest we got in my neck of the woods was -35F degrees on a Tuesday night. Insane, but us Midwesterners expect it in February and we know after that kind of cold snap…well the worst of winter is over and we know Spring will have a few false starts, we know it is coming. I want fresh air, even if it is tinged with a bit of damp coolness. I want to smell the buds on trees. I want to sleep with the window open and here the midnight train whistles and then the Church Bells in the morning. I saw an eastern Goldfinch in my yard the other day, picking at seeds I scattered on the ground last fall.

Other than complain that i made it through winter with food in cupboard and a warm roof over my head I am here to spout off with some good news.

Back on Feb 1st Sunny Abernathy, along with several other authors, released a collection called, “Kiss of Magic”. It had several hundred pre-orders and it is still doing well and daily is racking up consistent pages reads on Kindle Unlimited. The print copy will be available in March and is coming in at over 700 pages!!!! The theme is Withes, or women who possess a little magic….and some curves. Maybe not your pencil thin Witches of Eastwick.

Sunny’s Herbal Witch, Lorelei has been an idea living inside Sunny’s head since her local floral shop closed in a small town and twenty years later it still sits empty. But Lorelei has a special way with anything floral and fauna. And inside of “Kiss of Magic” Is the start of Lorelei’s Story, “Stars, Blooms, and Brides.” Sunny even gained her first ever 5 star review (see below.)

5.0 out of 5 stars “Stars Blooms and Brides” Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2021 I have read this one story by Sunny Abernathy and its a unique and quirky story. It’s short, sweet and to the point. Well written and I enjoyed it. I normally don’t read this type of story but it drew me in. Looking to forward to reading more stories from this specific author.”

The feedback has bee so great that what was once going to be a three book series is now going to be a 7 book series over the next 3 years!!!! The a magical little town of Whitehall, Michigan has plenty of inhabitants that fall in and out of love and need Lorelei’s help with both while she navigates life in her first (and last) serious relationship with our ALMOST too-good-too-be-true, Daniel.

Please remember that even if you don’t meet Amazon’s reviewer requirements, Authors appreciate, and need, reviews where ever you can leave them such as Bookbub and Goodreads.

On February 19th, the Red Shoe Chronicles was released. It was also an anticipated read to those four hundred plus individuals who pre-order the HOT AND STEAMY Collection of woman doing wild and crazy things all because of the power in a pair of Magic Red Shoes. Now a lot of women will tell you a great pair of shoes can be life changing. In “Toe to Toe” by Sunny Abernathy, Chloe has a new job and needs to learn to stand up for herself. Especially when it comes to her dismissive boyfriend, Jeff, who she catches in the wrong part of town and hears a conversation not meant for her ears. When her best friend takes her shoe shopping to forget her problems and gain a little confidence, Chloe gets more than she bargained for.

Find the Sexy Toe to Toe inside of the Red Shoe Chronicles on Amazon. In Print March of 2021. https://www.amazon.com/Red-Shoe-Chronicles-Limited-Anthology-ebook/dp/B08CCLR58L 93% of the reviews are 5 and 4 star reviews wanting MORE Red Shoe Chronicles!

Before I go I want to mention a few fellow authors with great books out now for you to check out, Including Big Canvas Reads’ Favorite series, Swan Harbor. Have a great weekend, end of February, everybody!!!!

Welcome to Swan Harbor ,,,,book 6 out now! #7 is so close but Ssshhh! I’m not suppose to know that. (Series by Sophie Bartow)

Swan Harbor, Where the residents believe things happen when they’re meant to happen. And where visitors feel they’ve been guided by an unseen force.

A Haven of Hope

A chance sighting of past enemies has Marci Walker preparing to run. In an old backpack, she finds a thirty-five-year-old letter that sends shockwaves through her world. She runs – but is she running from the past or toward the future?

https://books.bookfunnel.com/welcometoourlibrary/fw8ulnzbx4 FREE BOOK!!! Including SpellCasters with my story in it, A Nightmare of a Birthday! FREEEEEEE and friend Farrah Lee that has the Hawthorne Mail Order Bride Series also has her series starter available. Some books offer a sample but some such as SpellCasters is the WHOLE Novel for free! Which is also great since it is no longer available On Kindle Unlimited.

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