Canadian Author Samantha Bell

It is by total chance I chose this month’s two authors who happen to both be from Canada. And next month…well they are both international too. I guess I could call myself an international journalist now? Don’t quit my day job, right? Well this is my day job. Let’s chat with Samantha Bell who I have gotten to know by signing up on some of her future projects.

Natillie Painter:  Hello Samantha.

SB: Hello and thanks for having me!

NP: I am currently reading your novel, “The Bloodletter”, What genre would you say you write?

SB: “Bloodletter” was one of my first books and probably one that took the longest. It started as a Nanowrimo project, actually. I’m actually writing the sequel to it this spring! I write all sorts of things but I like to stick within YA/NA paranormal and fantasy romances. I really can’t pick a favorite so I do them all.

NP: For our readers who might not know YA and NA stand for Young Adult and New Adult

NP: Is this also what you prefer to read?

SB: Yes! I am a life-long fan of YA and NA fantasy. I always loved to read but the dystopian YA boom of the 2010s really got me back into the groove of things. These days I read YA and NA romance including contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. Suffice to say that reading takes up a lof of my extra time.

NP: What do you say to authors who say they don’t like to read? DO you feel one can write a genre without reading it?

SB: I used to be one of those authors! I think reading is super important when you write because it’s a way of seeing whats going on in the industry. I believe reading improves my craft as much (or maybe even more) than writing does by itself.

NP: According to social norms what is a guilty pleasure that is out of your age group?

SB: Ohh good one. I love anime, especially magical girl anime, which totally influences some of my work.

NP: Where do you currently call home(state/country)? And who do you share that with?

SB: I live in Ontario, Canada, with my daughter and our house cat. I’m currently in a cross-border relationship with my partner living in the USA. It’s tough with what’s going on in the world right now, but I am a firm believer in the power of love!

NP: By total coincidence, both authors are from Canada, this month. Oops, I almost got side tracked.

NP: Favorite thing about your region/area?

SB: I’ve got to say the local wineries and restaurants. As a proud Canadian, I also love poutine!

NP: What have you missed the most during Covid lockdowns/restrictions?

SB: My partner! Besides him, definitely missing going to the gym. I get great story ideas during cardio sessions.

NP: High heels, flip flops…sneakers?

SB: Sneakers. I’m all about being practical most of the time.

NP: Pets? Plants? Non-committal?

SB: A house cat. I don’t have a green thumb, but my daughter loves house plants. Right now, we’re trying to keep one alive. (It’s doing pretty well).


NP: You seem like me then, I have one cactus left out of 5 I bought a year ago.

NP: Care to share a Sneak peak on future novels or current WIP?

SB: I have so much in store for 2021! Right now, I’m working on the 3rd book in the Woodlock’s Home for Magical Delinquent series. This was my first RH story, and the cast is so fun to write with. I also have plans to release a dark contemporary pen name in the second half of the year.

NP: Thank you so much for stopping by the Big Canvas Read’s Blog. Stay tuned for my reviews of Samantha’s Novels.

SB: Thank you 😀

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  1. AmyMJ says:

    Hello! I a, trying to get my son more into reading and so I know he might really like this type of story, I showed him your page and he is wondering if you got some of your ideas from “Attack on Titan” and where else did you get your ideas to write about Shifters?


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