Let us chat with Theresa Dale. A writer who looks happy on the outside, but has dark, twisty stories hiding inside. My kind of author!

TD: Hi, everyone! Thanks so much, Natilile; your work for independent authors is really inspirational. You wow me!

NP: Awe, thanks. It is a Team Effort. Let’s jump right in! What genre would you say you write?

TD: Supernatural Thrillers are my steady foundation, but I’ve also dallied in Romance (under a pen name) and have overlapped into Horror.

NP: Is this also what you prefer to read?

TD: I had to think hard about this one. Yes, I think I’ve always had a thriller and/or horror novel on the go, but I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I adore Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and Nora Roberts but appreciate any skilled writing, from L.M. Montgomery, Ami McKay, Meave Binchy, to so many independent authors I’ve been lucky enough to gain connections with through my authoring journey. All that said, I think my own father’s poetry is most important to me as an influence, though.

NP: A father that writes poetry? Amazing. Do you have the support of friends and family when you write? DO you have another career that takes a backseat to writing?

TD: I think it’s safe to say that while some friends and acquaintances don’t take my writing seriously, I have an incredibly solid support system. My husband has never uttered a negative word regarding not only my writing, but my dreams of making a living doing what I love… even though it isn’t bringing much money in yet. I don’t know if I’d be able to be so determined without that. I have some dear family and friends who’ve made it their mission to cheer me on, too. My father is a pillar of encouragement, but he also lends his wisdom to edit my drafts and offer advice. I have friends who buy everything I write, too. I’m grateful to anyone who reads my work, but those loyal people in my life enable my joy in pursuing my dreams.

NP: what is something you hoard outside of books/pens/notebooks…because every author has stacks of those.

TD: Does chocolate count? Hmmm… Barefoot Venus skin products. Amazing. My husband would say stuffed animals, but I currently have a child of appropriate age so he’s my excuse for buying so many.

NP: where do you currently call home?

TD: I’m a Canadian girl, with a PEI and Nova Scotia upbringing and an adult life here in Quebec.

NP: Favorite thing about your home Providence?

TD: Gatineau is just across the bridge from Ottawa; the entire National Capital Region offers everything one could want, especially when needing to entertain kids of all ages. I love it here, love the people, the museums, the food, and the close proximity to country living, too, with plenty of opportunity to camp and get out in nature.

NP: What have you missed the most during COvid restrictions?

TD: My family. Mostly still in NS but my brother and his family are In ON and it’s painful not to see them all. My father is my editor and I’ve NEVER been able to give him a hug and thank him in person.

NP: High heels, flip flops…sneakers?

TD: I used to be strictly barefoot or flip-flops whenever possible, but as I age and my Fibromyalgia intensifies, Manitobah Mukluks and Moccasins are my absolute favorite shoe for all seasons. So comfy.

NP: Pets? Or as I call them tech support, since they are way too interested in how computers work.

TD: Haha! Yep. Three cats and two dogs. My big Pittie, Ollie, is a snuggly baby. His dog, Harley, is a very feisty Dachshund. And the cats are family; the Savannah mother and Persian father and their daughter. 😊 Terrible pains, all, and yet I can’t imagine life without them!

NP: Care to share a Sneak peak on future novels or current WIP?

TD: I just released my first Audio Book; Asylum, and right now I’m working on The Seers Series now: a Supernatural Horror adventure that follows the lives of a group of gifted psychics, mediums and empaths. Spirit Talker (Book 1) was released on January 12th and the second – Soul Seer – will be out in early spring.

NP: Great achievements! Thank you so much for stopping by the Big Canvas Read’s Blog.

TD: Again, thanks to you! I’d love visits/follows from readers and other independent authors! You can find me here:




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  1. Oh, my God.
    I am seriously crying on my keyboard. How can I thank you?
    You’ve given me a gift in this amazing effort. THANK YOU.
    And I mean it: if you need something, say the word. 🙂

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