The Indie Author Community Second, and last, Post of January 2021.

Hello!! I hope you all enjoyed Sunny’s Interview of Rachel A. Andersen. We have known her and have been reading her books for over a year but there was still a lot of new information in the interview. That is one of the reasons it is so fun about being a part of a thriving Indie Author Community. AND exactly why I am here now.

Sunny has been on her laptop 24/7 this month. She has THREE releases in February and part of the Indie community is reaching out for support. what that means is she and I have both been sending messages, commenting on posts, and participating in newsletter swaps. IT is 100% free and this month has proved to be VERY successful.

Other than just Sunny’s newsletter, I decided to share her swaps here too. Then you can get to know new readers that I have had the pleasure to read for and get to know.

So here comes some Authors, their books, and links. Also a lot of these authors have opportunities to read their books for FREE through their ARC groups and Street Teams. Reviews are liquid gold, authors will willing give up coffee, money, and beauty sleep in exchange for ONE review. SO PLEASE if you read ANY OF THESE BOOKS PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW…anywhere!!

MANDY MELANSON Is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORS UNDER 2 NAMES this is very impressive, especially when you learn Mandy has just launched her 1st Series! WOW! Here is the link for an awesome giveaway and her 1St and 2nd book in her Rock Star Romance Series, Amaryllis.

Mandy’s Giveaway! 😃 Here’s the info. Feel free to send me yours here as well. I have one going out Friday and then again at the end of the month 🙂 Adair Miller is almost ready for his debut! To celebrate, I’m giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card AND Two (2) Digital Review Copies of THE SUMMER TOUR and THE ENCORE.


Check out all of Mandy’s work by clicking the link above.

NEXT WE HAVE a preorder novel by K. Rea. THE MOON SHADOW : THE WOLFRIK TRIOLOGY, BOOK 1. Here’s a summary for you…..

When Evelyn Wolfrik, an exiled wolf-shifter, walked into a Court of Shadows nightclub she had one plan — find the vampire that executed her parents, put a dagger in his heart, and get out.

Being caught by Aiden Kensley, the dark vampire prince, before she could exact justice wasn’t part of the plan. Now that the little wolf is in his hands, Aiden refuses to let her go.

Taken to the Court of Shadows, the king offers Evelyn a choice — become a blood concubine for the Kensley House or marry a man of the Court’s choosing.

Struggling to adapt to a Court she wants no part of, Evelyn attempts to unravel the truth behind her parents’ deaths.

Friends and foes watch her every move. Some desire to control her, others crave her power, and more than a few of them want to claim her for themselves. With a wolf rebellion rising, if Evelyn makes one wrong move the Court of Shadows, her people, and her heart could be lost forever.

If it is something of your liking follow the link.

A place you can go anytime and find goodies, a person (who happens to be an awesome author) that you can go to anytime for great advice and empowerment is Tirza Schaffer. She is the cool aunt of the author world, who will buy you wine.

AJ Mullican is a new indie author friend but we have projects together the next few years so this won’t be the last time she appears in the blog (or newsletters). She has a pre-order out now that is intended for mature audiences only. See if her Paranormal Reverse Harem is something you would like to read…..

Cherry Hunter thought life as a newly-changed wolf shifter with five hot shifter brothers as her mates was complicated enough. Little did she know what would be in store for her when the tall, dark-skinned stranger entered the bar where she worked.

Now, with a demon Prince’s pleas ringing in her ears, she has to convince her mates to take up the cause and help stop a literal Hell on Earth from coming.

The Hunters thought they were the biggest predators in Nowhere, but they’re about to find out that there are bigger, more dangerous monsters lurking in the tiny nexus town.

Laura Sutton has received over 20 positive reviews on her novel, Elias: Part One: The diRuggiero Mafia Family Saga The cover alone looks dangerous, right?

When darkness is all you know, how can you trust in love? Elias Di Ruggiero grew up in privilege, where family was everything, until the day a rival cartel ripped their world apart, leaving his mother dead and his father in prison. Elias learned that day that the cost of his birthright was too much. So he left, walked away, leaving the wealth and the danger behind… or so he thought. On vacation celebrating her graduation from law school, Samantha quite literally stumbles into the arms of the mysterious Eli. He’s sexy and compelling, everything a woman could want… everything she wants.
Their passion erupts under the tropical sun, but Eli’s past can’t be escaped, no matter how far he runs. Is leaving Samantha the only way Eli can protect her from his powerful and dangerous family, or is their love worth facing the darkness head-on? Can her light save his soul? ***Elias is the first book in the Di Ruggiero Mafia Family Saga, a steamy mafia romance where a HEA is a guarantee!

To Forgive, Divine: A Novel  by Melissa Lea Leedom

THIS novel, like the others is available on Kindle Unlimited. ——> Bonnie Callaway: Since the accident that killed her husband two years ago, Bonnie’s had no room in her heart for new love. She certainly didn’t plan to fall for her also-widowed pastor! Jeff Wells can’t wait to see Bonnie again. But nosy neighbor Clara Adkinson informs him that he isn’t the only man in Bonnie’s life! Who is this other guy? As their story unfolds in To Forgive, Divine, close friends (and closer enemies!) realize that things aren’t always as they appear. Even when they discover the truth, feelings of betrayal and distrust seem to destroy any hope of rekindling the love Bonnie and Jeff had started to feel for each other. Enter a young boy who desperately needs help that only Bonnie and Jeff can give him, an embittered young woman who learns about forgiveness from these two people who can’t seem to forgive each other, and an estranged couple who need just a little push from reluctant lovers Bonnie and Jeff to re-write their own ill-fated love story. Bonnie and Jeff can’t avoid seeing each other even when they try! As Bonnie and Jeff watch lives transformed all around them by the love and forgiveness of Jesus, they must confront their own failure to forgive. How can they recommend Christian love to everyone else and deny it to each other?

Katherine E. Soto has a freebie for you. Follow the Story Origin link to get BAG of COINS …for free! **There is one person who solves magic puzzles in the kingdom. A puzzle that involves a magic bag of coins has been discovered in a tavern. Attempts to solve the puzzle are made.**

Lissa Lynn Thomas is someone I am working with now on anthologies and we have several more together in the future. Expect her to be an author interview in the future. Her and I , along with several other amazing Indie Authors are about 48 hours away from the release of “Kiss of Magic”. A boxed set featuring magic and a little witchy-poo paranormal antics of Plus Sized Heroines. It was so fun to write these stories and we hope every one has fun reading them too. Check out Kiss of Magic and other novels by Lissa Lynn Thomas, including her poetry, as Bella Sterling.

Cynthia TERELST is having a great month. Since the release of —> Get Off Your High Horse: A Contemporary Royal Romance (Love Down Under) She has received the good news of being featured in an equestrian magazine and has earned an ORNAGE TAG!!! on Amazon!!! Cheer her on by reading her romance and leaving a review.

And Lastly we have our fellow Midwestern writer, Anastasia Austin. Natalie recently read and reviewed “Love On Luke and Main”, giving it 4 stars. A great start to Anastasia’s Small town Romance Series, Love On Main. There’s always been a place for her in the back of my mind. My first crush. The one woman no other will ever live up to, because no relationship will be as good as the one I lived out in my head, with her.


I Hope you have found some new authors to try. Though it is a wonderful, winter wonderland, OUTSIDE, may you find joy of reading books snuggled up in a cozy nook.

I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Love, Natillie

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