A little of this, A little of that: Year end wrap up.

I am sure you are tired of hearing about how sucky 2020 was and how much hope we all have for 2021. Happy New Year, five days late now let us move on.

By Chance my favorite reads of 2020 are part of a series

BUT for for my Favorite Series of 2020

I chose this one (see below) by Sophie Bartow, which is now on book 7!

This is my goodreads collection of books Big Canvas Reads read and reviewed. There are some missing as some are on Natillie’s profile, and Sunny rated a few but for the most part the goodreads challenge of 120 books was met & surpassed by Natalie who read a total of 165 books in 2020….not counting Beta Reads.

Kerigan Hale

The next order of Business is to announce Sunny Abernathy’s two, yes TWO, preorders for her February Paranormal Romance Anthologies. ——-> https://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Magic-Paranormal-Romance-Collection-ebook/dp/B08PDX3C5D or click on photo. 99cent preorder FEB 1st release date.

Sunny’s story is “Stars, Blooms, and Brides.” Flower shop owner, Lorelei is also a witch. But her only ability is to put magic spells on flowers. Everything first dates to tossing the bouquet at weddings is all the doing of Lorelei. But making of life of playing matchmaker has left her lonely and single. Soon flowers start showing up on her doorstep that aren’t from her shop. To make matters more confusing she catches the bouquet at a wedding she shouldn’t have even gone too. Is it finally Lorelei’s time for true love?

Next out is Sunny’s “Toe to Toe” as part of the Red Shoe Chronicles BoxedSet. You’ll meet Chloe who just started her real estate career to find her first open house has her rival, with his own open house, Right Across THE Street! To figure out how to get a leg up her friend convinces her am new pair of shoes will change everything. But the shoes end up doing more than just lifting her mood on the day she sells her first house.

These Women are unlucky in love and unsatisfied in the bedroom, until they slip into a pair of magical high heels…The rules of the shoes are simple. You put them on, and for forty-eight hours, your wildest sexual fantasies will come true. For forty-eight hours you will be irresistible to whoever you desire. Not to mention, you’ll have sex that will make 50 Shades look G-rated. The only catch is, at no point during the forty-eight hours can the shoes come off. If they do, the magic is over. Warning, this collection is hot enough to smolder your kindle! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CCLR58L

Next I would love to invite you to check this out. No cost to you and just the book “Spinning Silver” is worth trying to win the collection. When you enter scroll down to Natillie Painter, click her name for extra entries into the contest. https://www.bit.ly/magicalw Look around for other contest while you are there. FREE BOOKS! Always a win-win.

Two more things than You can get back to your emails…… Last year I read this amazing novel By William Worsley and just loved how the characters leapt off the page with humor, wit and their self-depravation. I pictured this as a movie, immediately. I told the author skip the book, go straight to the screen play. Now up for pre-order on Amazon it is my first 5 star read of 2021 to recommend to everyone. https://www.amazon.com/Cougar-Candidate-Will-Worsley-ebook/dp/B08QJS8Y1T

Thank you so much for your support of Big Canvas Reads in 2020 and now 2021. Natillie and Sunny both have several releases in series, boxed sets, and anthologies. You won’t run out of anything to read. If you are interested in reading an advanced copy in exchange for a year on any stories mentioned here please email Natalie at artistandauthornatalie@gmail.com to receive a file.

Later this Month we’ll be back with a post on our Indie Author of the Month–> Rachel A. Andersen.

AND because it is what the cool kids are doing Big Canvas Reads is on Tik Tok now https://www.vm.tiktok.com/ZMjtBX3qt


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