I have been a salesman before and hated it. I feel if someone wants or needs something they will seek it out. BUT then the flip side is what if you want or need something…say a car. You have heard of a FORD but would you still buy a FORD even after you learn about the existence of Chevrolets and Dodges? I have a point. I have noticed since talking to friends on the phone more, instead of in person with Covid restrictions, that I use analogies very often. So, please stick with me.

In the past year I have gone from ex-business owner (young retiree) to published author. I have learned from those who have gone the indie-publishing route before me. I have gathered everyone’s advice and tried to find what works for me, Sunny, and Natillie. And after getting my first story out there for the world to see, I have learned that like every good story, whether it is a novel, movie, play, or the ballet, there is a vast amount of behind-the-scenes work the general public doesn’t take into account. And that is how it should be. Go to the Ballet and enjoy the dance, not the hours the dancer sacrifices. Go to the movies, laugh, cry, cheer and not take into account the producer almost lost every dime he ever made to get it on the silver screen. AND DO READ a phenomenal novel, without giving thought to the author maxing out their credit cards to pay for a cover artist and editors, just in hopes of someone reading their story.

BUT once you have peeked behind any curtain, to any show, a little innocence is lost and never regained. Remember being a kid and seeing your teachers outside of school? That.

As an author who continues to be an avid reader and reviewer, I will say that I read and review with a different mind set then I did a year ago. I take different elements into consideration now. I add all the parts up to a total, that is the least I can do for a fellow author. Gone are the days of working at the library and participating in book-clubs. Well, I still participate in book clubs BUT now if I enjoyed the book and the other book-club participants do not, then I take a close look at age and demographics. AM I, the youngest member of my local book-club, the target audience OR are the older men and women in the group the demographic the novelist was writing for?

In the rare case I feel as though the novel AND author have earned a one or two star rating, I try to reach out to the author first to ask if they would rather I leave the review as a low rating since every review matters OR not leave the review. In the world of Amazon, when a novel collects fifteen reviews it changes the author’s algorithms and how their novels show up in sections such as “people like you have also bought….” So remember every review counts BUT some authors have a high average rating and to them that is more important. Very confusing, I know, and I’m still learning. I know that I will not always be able to contact every author and go over in detail why I felt their novel fell short. THE worst is when I do leave a low review, one star or two , and I look back a month or two later and it is still the only review. OUCH. THIS also tells me the author is not promoting their novel at all and will likely not actively seek out more readers OR other readers felt the way I do and just didn’t bother to leave a review. If you love a book, have a favorite author…leave a review, REVIEWS MATTER.

Here is a link to my (Natalie’s) amazon reviews—–>

I DO have a point. What I was thinking through, in the last paragraph, is I have learned how important it is to Market Sunny Abernathy, sell her novels, show readers out there that yes, there are romance books out there (FORDS) but to make the reader aware of Sunny’s romance novels too (Dodges) so the reader can choose the best one for them. OR Read them all!!! Or in the case of Natillie’s novels make sure they get into the right categories since she writes crime/thriller and paranormal thrillers.

I need to sell the novel, it’s content, it’s cover, and it’s concept to readers. Such as Natillie’s “Borden Pines” stories are told to the reader by an omniscient narrator, and not every one is going to like that style. Another example, Sunny does not always write in both points of view of the romantic couple. Just from a few hypothetical conversations, Sunny has learned this isn’t always acceptable to avid romance readers.

To gain more exposure and max out our social media presence we are taking part in multi-author series, boxed sets, and anthologies in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Putting individual, stand alone, novels on hold for awhile will allow Sunny and Natillie to write with like minded authors and advertise with like minded authors TO their targeted audiences. Strength in numbers. In more ways than one. Within a few years of working with and releasing with other authors Sunny and Natillie will both have a “back catalogue” of novels when they do release individual novels that have been fermenting in their minds for years. And I do mean years. Also working this way, gives both Big Canvas Reads’ authors a chance to explore new genres, such as fantasy, without alienating their fan base.

MY point is, expect a lot of new novels and novellas, and even a few short stories from Sunny and Natillie the next few years. Subscribe to their newsletters to get FREE novels and bonus content on top of knowing when the next release date is. And perhaps even read and review advanced copies.

Sunny Abernathy’s sign up link —>

Natillie Painter’s sign up link —–>

How easy is that?!

I still plan on interviewing two Indie Authors a month on here and then include them in the news letters too, not always as it does depend on the genre the featured authors write in. This month, December, both authors happened to be paranormal romance authors which is what Sunny will be writing a lot of in 2021. Both authors were from Florida too, total coincidence.

In a future email ….right after the new year?….I will be back with some book links to share from fellow authors and Sunny’s upcoming release. WHO doesn’t like learning about new books? You won’t be disappointed.

AND we have put together our top 5 favorites of several categories: authors, novels, Instagram accounts, most like author on Pinterest and more! All coming in the next Blog article.

Thank you for reading, Natalie

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