Merry Christmas! BUT FIRST…

Interview with Author: Kate Moseman

Hello and happy Holidays! We know it has been a rough year but we do have achievements to celebrate and the joy of looking forward to next Year’s goals.

We have all Read Kate Moseman’s books but Sunny, once again, will lead the interview. Even though Sunny should be writing because she has January releases. With preorders! So there is no turning back. More on that later. *Happy Holidays and Festivus For the Rest of us* ********************************************************************************************************

SA: Hi! Thank you for doing this. Your novels have been in my top reads list for two years straight, do you write for you or for the readers and admiration?

KM: All of the above!  I put a lot of myself into my novels, so it’s particularly rewarding when a book resonates with readers.

SA: I also love your covers. Do you let the cover you love inspire a story or do you have an amazing way of having the story match your covers perfectly?

KM:  As a matter of fact, I’ve had several different scenarios occur.  The cover for Roller Coaster Romance was designed from scratch by a very talented artist who created it to my specifications based on the story.  For my Supernatural Sweethearts series, I designed the covers myself before I wrote the books.  I chose models that were close to what I had in mind, but look of the models definitely influenced the look of the characters.  For my most recent book, Silver Spells, I selected the ready-made cover before writing the story.  The black bird’s wing on the cover inspired me to add a crow as a character.

SA: Your genre is paranormal. Do you plan on writing in any other genres in the future?

KM: My first book, Roller Coaster Romance, is a sweet romance without any paranormal elements, and I’d love to return to that setting at some point in the future because my daughter insists I write a sequel.  My favorite genre to write is romantic comedy, paranormal or un-paranormal, so I will probably do more of that as well when I get a chance.  I harbor a secret desire to write a suspense novel, but that’ll probably have to be under a pen name considering I’m known for light and fluffy stories!

SA: what genres do you read?  Favorite Authors, either indie or traditional?

KM: I find it difficult to read in a genre that’s even loosely connected to what I’m currently writing, so most of the time I read the opposite of what I write: suspense, nonfiction, and classics.  In between projects I gravitate to fantasy.  My favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, Juliet Marillier, Roger Ebert, and Erma Bombeck.

SA: State you call home? And A favorite thing about it?

KM: I was born and raised in Florida, and my favorite thing is the heat.  I hate the cold!  I also love theme parks.  We’ve had tickets to Disney or Universal almost continuously since I was in my twenties.

SA: The funny thing is my last interview was Leeah Taylor and she is Florida and what you say you love she gave as reasons to dislike. It was an accident that two Florida authors were chosen this month.

SA: Do you have a large support system when you write or kind of a lone wolf till the manuscript is done?

KM: I have a selective support system.  I have one critique partner with whom I trade chapters and feedback.  In addition to my critique partner, my oldest daughter (she’s 12) frequently reads my work before anyone else.  I always say my daughter is my best editor!  I think children have an intuitive understanding of story.  They grasp what works and what doesn’t on a startlingly insightful level.  Otherwise, no one sees it but me until it’s pretty much done.  I like to keep the lid on the pot as I’m working.

SA:  Heels, flats, sneakers, barefoot, flip flops?? The world needs to know.

KM: Ecco athletic sandals for the win!  They’re pretty much all I wear.  With everything.  In all seasons!

SA: Anything we can get a sneak peek of?

KM: If I had extra time, I’d love to write a bonus epilogue for A Good Demon Is Hard to Find to show Erin and Andy at Christmastime.  But for now, I’m working on Silver Charms, the sequel to Silver Spells.  I can share the epigraph with you: “Sometimes, I quite like irritating people who need to be irritated.”  That’s a quote from Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, and it’s a bit of a departure from the Dolly Parton quote at the beginning of Silver Spells.  I’m also in the process of turning Silver Spells into an audiobook, which is really exciting.

SA: Thank you so much for joining us today!  I hope to attract some of your PNR fans since I’m throwing my hat in the genre in 2021.  Any last minute advice you can give me? 

KM: Err on the side of going big: deep emotions, unique settings, thought-provoking ideas.  Anyone can tell a story, but only you can tell it your way.  Lean into that!

SA: Thank you!! And remember if you read any of Kate Moseman’s  glorious novels make sure to leave a review



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