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Paranormal Romance Author, Leeah Taylor

Hello! Happy Holidays! We are almost through this crazy year. What will next year hold??

For now lets get to know and talk about the achievements of this year with paranormal romance author, Leeah Taylor….yes two “E”s. Since Sunny and I have both read all of Leeah’s novels, we flipped a coin. Sunny got to interview the author and cover designer.

Check back later this week when we talk to our second author of the month, Kate Moseman. Till then, stay happy and stay well…Always, Natillie

 SA: Hi, Sunny here. Im talking with the talented, Leeah Taylor today. Let’s jump right in.

SA: Hi, Leeah, as you know I have read the Whole Kings of Sterling Series, do you write for you or for the readers and admiration?

LT: Kings of Sterling started out as just one book, which was Blood of Night. I had just finished The Originals series (Boo!!) and I wanted to keep that high going with a book series similar. And I couldn’t find one. But I already had the cast of characters in my head in need of a story, so I said fine, I’ll just write it myself.

So I very much started out writing this series for myself but eventually I started writing it for me and readers.

SA:  Now of your Bad Boys of Sterling, with all their faults, who would you choose as your mate?

LT: OMG Sunny!! Why choose?? If I absolutely had to choose then it would be Ramsey Night. Which still blows my mind because I am so in love with Oliver “Sex King” Frost. But I just love Ramsey’s obsessive, dedicated personality. He’s made up of so many complicated layers. I’m a sucker for wounded alphas I guess!

SA: Your genre is dark paranormal romance. Do you plan on writing in any other genres in the future?

LT: I’ve always assumed I’d branch out into contemporary romance and I even wrote a second chance romance years ago but honestly paranormal romance just speaks to me. It’s where my passion is right now. So maybe, yeah, eventually I might write in a different genre if the right story comes to me.

SA: what genres do you read?  Favorite Authors, either indie or traditional?

LT: Paranormal romance and contemporary romance. I love bully and dark romance. And I read almost exclusively indie with like one exception, which is Jeaniene Frost. Her Night Huntress series is probably what really turned me toward paranormal romance. Cat and Bones are life!!

But anything else is indie. K Webster is my go to, one click author. I don’t even need to read the blurb, I’ll just one click her new releases no matter what it is. And I can’t recommend her War and Peace series enough if you love dark and taboo.

M. Robinson is another contemporary romance indie I love and recommend her Good Ol’ Boys series.

Cate Corvin (Razing Hell series) and KG Reuss (Emissary of the Devil series) are two other amazing indies I’m head over heels for too!!

SA: State you call home? And A favorite thing about it?

LT: UGH! Florida. I don’t have anything good to say about it… uh, let me think… we don’t get snow? That’s about it LOL. Hubby and I can’t wait to find a new state to call home!!! Florida is just hot like all year save for like a month. All the tourists LOL!! The traffic! Did I mention hot?

SA: Florida can’t be all bad…

LT: Yes, yes it is!

SA: Do you have a large support system when you write or kind of a lone wolf till the manuscript is done?

LT: I have one now but I didn’t always have a support system and kind of kept to myself. Personally I find the entire process from zero draft to published and beyond easier with a support system.

I’m a bit spoiled with a husband that is 1000% supportive. He’ll listen while I rant, rave, and vent about my uncooperative characters. Even make suggestions and brainstorm with me.

And then I have the amazing Indie Coven, which is about a dozen of us- Indies, who I’ve come to call best friends. They are there always to cheer each other on, support one another when things aren’t going all that great, and just shenanigans and giggles. I wouldn’t want to imagine doing this without them.

SA:  Heels, flats, sneakers, barefoot, flip flops?? The world needs to know.

LT: Flip flops or barefoot, year round!!

SA: Anything we can get a sneak peek of? Like a certain shifter novel?

LT: I mean, I guess so, if you’re going to twist my arm! LOL…

Feral is the Night is my first shifter romance debut. I’ve written wolves in Kings of Sterling but not as the typical shifter with those familiar tropes. But I’ve had this idea for a few years and it just never came together for me, so I set it on the back burner. Well, this year it popped up again for me but with the twist of adding shifters. So it became a post apocalypse shifter romance. And I’m really excited about it!!

So… a sneak peak!!

“Well shit, Berk, three years and I’m still the best dick you ever had if your boyfriend’s tantrum means anything.”

She huffs, rolling her eyes. “He’s not my boyfriend. I just fuck him from time to time.” My wolf tenses and growls from my depths. “One night, Carver and you’re gone by first light.”

“Yeah, sure.”

But I won’t be quiet and hide in the corner in the meantime. She owes me an explanation and I’ll have one. If there’s anything I deserve, it’s some kind of resolution, and if it’s her rejecting me to my face, then so be it.

But she owes me that much.

SA: Do you plan on the Kings of Sterling Novels to continue for awhile?

LT: I can say pretty confidently there are two books left in the Kings of Sterling series. Ramsey’s deserved love story in, Blood of my Blood, and let me tell you, it’s a doozy!! He’s beyond complicated and somewhat uncooperative with me about it but it will be worth it. It’ll be steamier (And here I thought Oliver would be the steamiest… Ramsey won’t be outdone!) and darker than the other books but with a tragic backstory like Ramsey’s, I’d expect nothing less.

Then there is one more book planned and it’s going to blow the series wide open with so many twists, turns, and surprises.

Beyond that though, I do eventually plan to write a series titled “Sterling Generations” and there is a  spin off series planned for Maxwell and Lincoln (the werewolves introduced in Blood of an Alpha) in a book titles “Lords of Sienna” which I can’t say much about because it’ll spoil way too much for Kings of Sterling.

So there are plenty of stories to be told still in the Kings of Sterling world!!

SA: Thank you so much for joining us today!  I hope to attract some of your PNR fans since I’m throwing my hat in the genre in 2021.  Any last minute advice you can give me? 

LT: Write what you love and stay true to you first.

SA: Thank you!!

And remember if you read any of Leeah Taylor’s  sinful  novels make sure to leave a review.  And check out her book cover designs for sale at “Love Drunk Premades”

Leeah Taylor
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Here’s Natalie’s review of: Book 2 “BLOOD of NIGHT”

Natalie Freese5.0 out of 5 stars even better than the last one!! (Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2020) —–> Leeah Taylor does it even better this time around. Juliette is back with all the drama that seems to follow her wherever she goes. Damien is front and center with all of his anger issues…and the intense heat that follows him everywhere. He has a reason to boil over this time. Juliette has accidentally taken down the barrier and has a fellow named Ramsey after her. But why exactly is he after her and how will Riley, Chelsea, or Lucian be effected as the story plays out. You will be left with more questions than answers and now we anticipate what comes next. Till then read knowing that Miss Leeah does not waste one word in her novels. Every word adds to the plot and the character’s attributes, and of course their flaws.

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