A Update From Sunny….


Hello! I know everyone is super busy this time of the year, and this year, let alone the holidays are not normal. Covid has hit home and I just pray everyday this is almost behind us. I did decorate a little but my heart isn’t it much this year. I haven’t even blared as much Christmas Music of my iHeart Radio app like I NORMALLY do every year. But like I said this year is not normal. I have read a lot of wonderful sappy Christmas Novels and have downloaded more than I will ever get read. And i have watched several Christmas movies with my daughter as she recuperates from this horrible virus. And we have watched a lot animal/nature documentaries.

This month Big Canvas Reads has chosen Leeah Taylor and Kate Moseman as the authors we will interview and feature this month. They are both wonderful Paranormal Romance Authors. And Since that is a genre I will be immersed in 2021 we have decided that I will once again do the interviews. (SSShhh..I am secretly happy about this.)

And I forgot that if you follow me on Goodreads you can read our blog postings without coming here to Big Canvas Read’s wordpress page. Also see my novels, new releases, and all the novels I review in the course of the month.

Click on the links below and click follow…..(pushy, aren’t I?)

While on Goodreads enter the book giveaways.



And if you are a BookBub member, for their awesome daily book deals (my favorite daily email) you can follow me there too….I mean, since you are on there anyways and its a great place to find my reviews too.

Lastly, I am excited to share with you that Kiss OF Magic has a preorder link!!

My story in the set, “Stars, Blooms & Brides”—> image



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