Interview with Author: Ria Zen

Hello, it’s me Sunny of Big Canvas Reads. I thought I was taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year but it didn’t work so well. Weird thing is I have actually wrote more since I dropped out of the ‘race’.

BUT today is about Ria Zen, a wonderful author, and friend, from Canada.

SA:  You write sweet romance. Why do you choose to write sweet romance in a “sex sells” kind of world?

RZ:  Often if someone is reading romance, they’re coming for the heat, but some readers don’t want to get burned. I’m not opposed to having sexy characters with steamy moments, but I find that intimacy is the flame we’re looking for, and chemistry is the gasoline. I love to write the flirty banter with the back and forth, and sensual kisses. When it comes to racy scenes, everyone has their own kink and turn-offs, therefore, if it’s necessary for the plot, I prefer to leave those scenes behind closed doors. My readers can fill in the blanks to their heart’s content. 

SA:  You are known to me for your “Blue Collar” Romance series, of your male leads who would you date?

RZ: Wow, that is a loaded question. In that series, I would pick… ooh it’s a three-way tie. Benji is a romantic, but he’s always working. Juan is a great cook, but he’s cheap and doesn’t go out much. Zack will give you his undivided attention, but not at your face—if you know what a mean (wink). I’m going to have to go with… man this is tough. Benji, since he knows all the best places to eat and even if he hates it, he would still slap on a smile and ensure I had a fun time.

SA:  Of your Female leads who is your favorite? Is it because she is most like you or no?

RZ: Miroreka Fakusha. She’s seen in The Aykotah Daughter, and my newsletter exclusive, Warrior Outcast. Fakusha is a prude, unlike all the villagers around her, yet the foreign prince she’s arranged to marry is the most attractive man on the island. I suppose I relate to Fakusha in the sense to how awkward I was in my teen years. 

SA: I read your “Jolly Gesture” and adored it.  Your writing is excellent and RELATABLE but I am also a sucker for anything Christmas. What is your favorite holiday?

RZ: I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day and all the chocolate that comes with it. The puns are ridiculous, it promotes strengthening pre-existing relationships, and I like all the pink and red frilly, fluffy, heart décor. The best part is you can celebrate it however you want: all-out or super chill. 

SA:  Does any certain holiday have an odd tradition at your home?

RZ: One of my kids was born on Christmas Day, so you could say it’s starting to look a lot less like Christmas. Sorry Jesus. 

SA: Being a Romance writer, are you a girly girl?  Make-Up, hair done, nails done? 

RZ: Bahahahahaha. No, not in that way. I actually have and aversion to nail polish, never been that great at styling my hair, and I forget to put on makeup ninety-nine percent of the time. However, I do love fashion and funky shoes.

SA: what is a luxury item or service you would love to have in your everyday life?

RZ: A hot tub would be nice.

SA: Any new stories/projects on the horizon you want to give readers a sneak peak of or a cover reveal? 

RZ: Good question. I’m taking a break from the Your Blue-Collar Romance series, and I’m hoping to ‘dive’ into my other genres like romance suspense. 

Here’s a teaser for “Haunted” If you like evil mermaids, magical gems, believe the geeks deserve an HEA, this is for you.

The man of her dreams was across the street, but she is lost in another world. 


Love is magical, but the cute necklace rumored to bring someone to captivate my heart on sale? Not so much. 

I bought it anyway. 

That’s when Dominic entered my life, kissed me, and pulled me with him to this nightmare realm. Did I mention he is not a handsome prince, but a menacing lust demon? 


When I finally strum up the courage to ask Natalia out on a date, she disappears. Once I find her, I risk everything: my new position as owner of my father’s bookstore, my health, and apparently my sanity to rescue her. 

However, I discover too late that reading about mystical beings and actually slaying them are completely different. I’m competing against the inhuman, and if she doesn’t fall in love with me soon, we will be trapped here forever. 

EXCERPT 1 (NATALIA): The shopkeeper glances at my left hand then to the romance novels poking out of my bag. “I see you are interested in romance… intrigue… enchantment… this stone will do all that. It is rumored to captivate the heart, or so I have been warned.” She winks. I roll my eyes but I can tell I haven’t been the first customer to do so. As if some piece of jewelry will guarantee a lover crossing my path. 

I hand her the cash. 

EXCERPT 2 (JAMIE): She turns to the page revealing an illustration of the necklace with step-by-step instructions. I pull out my phone and take a picture. “Okay, so the victim will fall captive to demon’s trap then it will suck their soul into its realm. From there, her only way out is to be held captive once again from its original dimension.”

                I gulp. It’s both obnoxiously loud and painful. “Let me clarify. Natalia has to fall in love with me in order to save herself.” And I thought asking her out was awkward enough. The shopkeeper grips my shoulder. 

“If you’re reckless enough to chase after her, yes.”

Thank you so much Ria have a great Holiday Season and thank you so much for always giving me a solid, fulfilling, loving romance every time I start reading one of your novels. Keep it up!! 
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