Interview with Renee Pellegrino

Hello, Sunny here! I’m here today to share with you an interview of one of this month’s featured Authors:  Renee Pellegrino.  I got to know Renee when I worked with her on the Cabin Fever Anthology this past summer. Us ladies picked a holiday, or two, and wrote a sweet romance story to fit the scene.

Let’s go!

SA: What drew you to the story of “The missing locket”?

       RP:   Missing Locket is a unique novella where I collaborated with Cynthia Carver (we’ve been critique partners for a really long time.) It’s basically to reflect on what happened to Eileen Thompson and address HumanTrafficking. The novella also bridges into my upcoming novel For You, and Cindy’s future stories. 

SA:  With your busy schedule do you have time to read?  if so what genre?

RP: I read anything that Stephen King puts out (I love horror). “The Stand” is my favorite book and currently waiting for his next release. 

RP: Also a book by Jude Deveraux, “Chance of a Lifetime”. 

SA: What state are you in? Does that influence your stories? 

RP: Pennsylvania and yes, I have mentioned Altoona a few times in my novels. The town I grew up is slowing fading away. Just last month they tore down a part of my high school that I put in the “Rewrite”(Cabin Fever Anthology). It’s important to remember your roots and the reason why I started to write in the first place. 

SA: Any guilty pleasures you shouldn’t admit to?

RP: Dog shows–I have spent many weekends going to all parts of the United States to show my German Shepherds. 

SA: What is something nostalgic that shows your age? 

RP: Yes I am an eighties music junkie,  I love Duran Duran, and every time I watch a video I feel like that kid again, screaming over John Taylor. (yes, he is still sexy after all this time.)

SA: Any future novels you want to give people a sneak peek of ? 

RP: Currently working on “For You”, the second part of the series that links the Missing Locket and Because of You. 

There is a project under way called “Department Death”.  It will be a series and follows the life of the Reaper through different parts of history. 

And I plan on returning to my first novel called “When the Wind Blows”. 

SA: Thank you so much for letting me chat with you and share your links, and thank you for the dog pictures, those are always welcome.

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