Interview with Author: Anastasia Austin

Hello Everyone! Natillie here to talk to 1 of the 3 authors we are showcasing this month on the Big Canvas Reads blog and for me to share in my newsletter. I’ll be talking to Iowa Girl, Anastasia Austin who writes fluffy and sweet, with lots of heat. And a little funny too.

Natillie:  Having a Four book series out, The Fate Series and the stand alone novel, “Reunited”, I need to ask what drew you to do the Fate Series?  

 AA:  Well, that’s kind of complicated. Before I wrote the first book in the series, Fake to Fate, I only wrote fantasy. For almost three years I’d been writing fantasy stories to query and hopefully, find an agent. Something you need to know about me? I’m an incredibly impatient person. I wanted to publish so badly I just couldn’t wait to put the right book in the right agent’s hands at the right time for the market anymore. Since I still wanted to try querying my fantasy books, in February of 2019 I started writing my first contemporary romance. I’d had the idea sitting around for over a year. But not in the form it’s told now. Originally, Stephanie was a telemarketer and Roland was an immature frat boy who rudely answered her telemarketing call. They were supposed to meet at a coffee shop when he recognizes her voice when she orders a coffee. Things just snowballed from there. I fell in love with the self pub process and the romance genre. Now, I’m working on getting back to my fantasy roots and release some romantics in the near future!

Natillie:  With your busy schedule do you have time to read?

AA: Barely! Wish I had more time. lol 

Natillie: What genre?

AA: Everything I read has to have romance in it now. The steamier the better. I’m drawn to read forbidden romance. Especially, age gap romances. 

Natillie: What state are you in?

AA: I’m an Iowa native.  

Natillie:Does that influence your stories?

AA: Absolutely! You’ll notice I don’t name cities or towns in the Fate series. The places are all fictional but if you pay close attention, the college campus is inspired by Iowa State University. 

Natillie: Any guilty pleasures you shouldn’t admit to?

AA: I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures. I can’t think of anything I won’t admit to liking that I know others don’t like or approve of. lol I try to wear my weird on my sleeve.

Natillie: same here, I don’t hide anything.

Natillie: What is something nostalgic that shows your age?

AA: I upgraded my Walkman to a Discman the same year I started high school. 

Natillie: Great answer!

Natillie: Any future novels you want to give people a sneak peek of ?

AA:  My next book will be a small town romance, Love on Luke and Main. The first of four planned books in the Love on Main series! It’s still in the drafting stage but here’s an unedited excerpt anyway. Haley just divorced her cheating husband and moved back to her hometown for a much needed escape. Luke is the hot cafe owner who has had a crush on her since high school. But she wouldn’t know it because he was a new kid, nobody freshman when she was the most popular girl in her senior class. In this scene, Haley gets a call from her ex-husband during Haley and Luke’s accidental date.

  Sneak Peek…

It’s probably just another drunk dial. I’m under no obligation to answer. We’re done. If he’s gotten himself in some kind of trouble, it’s not on me.

Then why the hell am I swiping my thumb across the screen and putting the phone to my ear?


Because I’m a glutton for punishment. Here I am with a hot, attentive guy in my apartment and I’m answering a call from my piece of shit ex husband. 

I hate happiness. That’s all there is to it.

“Haley, baby,” Damien slurs in my ear and there’s no stopping the tears.

“Why do you do this?” Why don’t I block his number?

Happiness hater. 

“I miss you, baby. This big house is so…” he hiccoughs and sighs before finishing, “…empty without you.”

And I almost believe him before a woman’s voice drifts into my ear. Calling his name.

“She’s there and you’re calling me? Does she know? Does she know how many more of these calls you’ll make tonight?” Does she care?

Do I? Why do I care? 

“Hang up, Haley,” Luke’s hand is on mine holding the phone to my ear. I’d forgotten he was here.

Oh, God. I don’t even want to know what I look like right now. Besides ranting like a crazy person, my makeup is probably streaked down my cheeks with the flood of tears.

And yet… He looks at me. His hazel eyes searching my face. Flitting from my eyes to my lips. 

He’s so close. The heat of his hand on the back of mine distracts me from whatever Damien is saying now. I have no idea and I don’t care.

“Just hang up,” Luke says and our hands move together taking the phone from where I’d plastered it to my face.

With a deep, shuddering breath, I press the red button to end the call.

Natillie: Thanks for coming and chatting with my readers.

AA: Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you and your lovely followers! I had a ton of fun answering your questions!

Have a great day and happy reading!


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