Meet the Author: TK Barber

Hello Everyone!  Before September is over we have another author to introduce you to. T.K. Barber. A Southern Belle who writes several different romance genres, mafia, rom-com, fairytale retellings, just to name a few. But she always pleases her readers by writing true romance….aka “happily ever after.” I let Sunny, Big Canvas Reads’ Love Story author, take a crack at asking T.K. a few questions. Next month we have three authors to chat with. Those will be announced on twitter, instagram, and facebook on October 1st.

                                    Thanks for reading,  Natalie Jessen Freese

Sunny: Do you believe in Aliens?        

Sunny: Hi! DO you believe Aliens exist?

TK: That’s a big question! I might get flack for it but…I mean it’s
hard for me to imagine with the vastness of space that we’re the only
planet that has life on it. So, in terms of aliens being “life from
outer space”, I suppose the answer is yes!

Sunny: What about ghosts?                         
TK: Another heavy question! I think…I would say I believe, sure.

Sunny: Where do you call home?

TK: Georgia, where when it’s not hot, it’s still hot.

Sunny: Yep, that’s why I have only been there in the winter.

TK: That’s super smart.

Sunny: Favorite place in Georgia?
TK: Helen, GA! It’s adorable and they have a really awesome chocolate shop.

Sunny: Is there anything you make your kids eat but you won’t?
TK: I actually don’t force them to eat anything! Mine are a bit older now.

Sunny: Do you have any weird talents?                                                         
TK: Talents, hmm. Well, I can do this freaky thing with my eyes, but it’s
kinda hard to explain!

Sunny: Especially without video. TK: Exactly. And trust me, no one wants to see that. 

Sunny: If I just started reading romances which one of yours should I start with?

TK: That’s a terribly hard question, since I write in different
sub-genres! If they’re into paranormal romance with Deities, then “Death
on Line One”,
if they want an anti-hero mob suspense, then “Held”. Romcom,
“Texting the Enemy”. A darkish fairytale retelling? “Siren’s Embrace”. And
in January, the preludes to a huge shared Paranormal Romance Mafia universe
start dropping, so if they’re into Vampires, I’d suggest “Visions of the

Sunny: OK that’s a lot! I have just started writing paranormal and mafia myself, I have learned a lot from your novels.

TK: That is so incredibly sweet, thank you!

Sunny: Having read your books….Do you recommend those that are in a series be read in order or can they stand alone?

TK: Yes! It’s really best to read it 1 through 4. You absolutely have to read book 1 before book 2. Out of order they make zero sense.

Sunny: You know why I am asking.

TK: Yep, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Sunny: I’ll confess to everyone I read them out of order and messaged you a bunch of questions. Sorry, TK.

TK: It’s totally fine. I loved chatting about it!

Tk: Thank you so much, Sunny, this was fun!!

Sunny: No, thank you, Natalie couldn’t run “Hit Publish” without you.

NOW TK tells us more about:  “Mobsters and Monsters”

Me and 8 other authors have been burning all the oil creating an incredibly massive shared universe, full of all the best monsters to swoon for. We’re talking Vamps, Wolves, Bears, Demons, Warlocks, Dragons, Reapers, Angels, and so many more. And! Crime! /insert mind blown gif/ Trust me, it works and it works hella well. If you want to find out more, join our group!

We’re going to host a super chill randomness party all this weekend to drop some teasers, do a giveaway and introduce all the authors.

The first stories start dropping in January, and it’s a non-stop thrill ride from there, y’all, all the way to the finalé of season one in August!

Reality takes a hard turn as creatures who revel in darkness invite you to an underworld filled with lust and love, sex and violence, submission and dominance, secrets and power.

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