Hi, here at Big Canvas Reads we are are deep into socializing with fellow authors and always finding new author friends to get to know. To help everyone out I, Natalie, decided to show case at least two authors a month. Their links, fun questions, where to find their novels, and how to sign up for their newsletters. And maybe even some sneak peeks.

I thought it would be fun for all of us if we took turns doing the interviews.

This September I have showcased Kari Shuey and T.K. Barber on all of Big Canvas Reads’ sites & platforms, where Natillie Painter is definitely the most active. So for our first showcase interview I had Natillie interview Kari.  And yes, you are correct, I did interview Kari Shuey earlier this year when she released a book I had been a beta reader for. The knowledge she has offered all of us this past year is immeasurable. And for that we are forever grateful.

                                                               Thanks for reading, Natalie Jessen Freese

Natillie: Hi Kari! Do you believe in aliens?  

Kari: Hello. Yes, I believe there is life out there somewhere. I don’t think that earth could be the only planet in the entire universe that happened to have the perfect conditions for making life. So yes? Haha. I think there are other life forms. 

Natillie: Do you believe in ghosts? 

Kari: Yes, and the thought terrifies me for some reason. 

Natillie: It should terrify you at least a little, trust me.

Natillie: What state are you from? 

Kari: Utah

Natillie: Salt Lake City is on my list of places to visit.

Natillie: What is your Favorite attraction in Utah?

Kari: Lagoon.

Natillie: And where is home now?    

Kari: I have been in Idaho for about fifteen years and wherever my family is, is my favorite place to be.

Natillie: What Foods do you make your kids eat but you won’t?

Kari: Bananas  

Natillie: Do you have any Weird Talents?

Kari: My fingers are double jointed. I can roll my tongue. I don’t know, I enjoy a lot of things like baking, sewing, drawing, singing but they aren’t weird. I guess something weird is when I set out to learn something new, I typically succeed. 

Natillie: The finger thing is so weird, I must say.

Natillie: IF someone only had time to fetch ONE of your books what would you tell them to read?

Kari: The one book I’d recommend….??

Well, My favorite book I wrote on my own is “Her Deadly Defender”.

Natillie: I agree! That book is how we met.

Kari: But my favorite over all is my Mathias Series. “Cutthroat” will release October 13th 2020 and it’s about a vampire who hunts serial killers. 

Natillie: You co-wrote those with Angela Perry, Correct?

Kari: Yes. 

Natillie: A little insight or sneak peek?

Kari: Sure!

Now here is Kari and Angela, in their words, telling you about the creation and release of the “Mathias” Series.

We are so excited for our first in series to be released on October 13th this year. The series follows a vampire who has a code. Back when he was turned he experienced the biggest trauma a person could go through and now he lurks in the shadow bringing balance to the world the only way he can—hunting serial killers.

Kari came up with the premise for the story. She enjoyed the Showtime TV series Dexter and of course shows like Vampire Diaries and the Originals. Why not mash them together? That’s how Mathias was created.

But it couldn’t be just a book about a vampire who hunts serial killers. It had to be more. Something you can get addicted to with just a taste. (see authors can be truly vile and wicked too). Kari’s vision was for the books to mirror what you get when you find a really good show on TV. Rather than write a trilogy or a short series, she wanted to create a series of slightly shorter books that could follow the characters much like a TV series does each season. Each ‘season’ will have twelve books leading up to catching a bad guy. Of course over time you will be introduced to the villain of the story—the Moriarty to Sherlock or the Joker to Batman.

The problem was Kari is most comfortable writing about humans in a modern world. Throwing in the paranormal or fantasy aspects was daunting. But these weaknesses of hers were strengths in her editor/mentor, Angela. Where Kari can lay out the groundwork of a wonderful and engaging story, Angela can make it shine. She finds all the holes, adds all the glitter, and turns the bones of the story into a full-fledged ride of a lifetime. Want something that grips you and gets under your skin? This is the series for you. Bonus: It has enough suspense to keep you wanting more, but without the added gore and details that you might find hard to wade through.

Right now there are two FREE short stories out for you to get that taste we are talking about. The first is a short introduction to who Mathias is today. The jaded hunter who only feeds on the most wicked of humans. In this four-chapter short, you meet Mathias and get a feel for what it is like to be in his shoes. This one is called Boston 2009. It’s available for free on multiple platforms from Smashwords to googleplay to Amazon. The second is only available to current subscribers. Mathias: Origins is where it all began. What made him into the creature he is now? To get this exclusive content, you can subscribe at, on the mathias facebook page, or even at the back of Boston 2009. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. Our emails come biweekly and include interesting things about our story, genre, and other books you might like.

Find Kari’s body of work on Amazon->

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