I am making a giant spread-sheet with all the indie authors ‘s links.  Can you throw me any links for….. facebook author page, goodreads, twitter instagram. goodreads, blog, website, pinterest…… Additionals are welcome such as : a contact email, Etsy, bookbub, booksniffer, bookfunnel…..any I am forgetting?

Also tell me if you provide any services for fellow authors free or $, such as  book covers, beta reading, critique partner, proofreading, read/review, edit.,ARC read..Am I forgetting anything? Feel free to tell me that too.

I am doing this to help everyone as I post and share like crazy on thirteen platforms daily, read/review, and do Bookstagram mock-ups for free. I did start by fetching everyone’s links individually but after a few people that became insanely time consuming,  Thus I am resorting to this message of “Help me, Help you.”

My email to send me any and everything is

I started my bright idea by featuring two “meet the Authors” a month, but in October I am going to ramp it up to at least four.

Au Revoir Lovelies…..Nat

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