Where and how do we find balance?

NOT MY ADVICE but advice I was given the other day by a wonderful lady who has SO much on her plate, extra now that her children have to remain at home with her for the first few months of the school year. She told me she….


Mind Blowing RIGHT?!

Sounds Simple Enough But something I have remotely not even thought of trying to do, let alone actually Do.

I wish I could do this without a second thought …BUT at least now I can say I’m working on it.

How much time, brainpower, energy, to give to all the areas of my life. A loaded question now that I have been “retired” from the labor force for a year and have been at home pursuing a writing career. I still have to tackle my day as though writing is the same as when I ran my business. I need to be at it for a certain amount of time in order to have anything to show for it at the end of said day.

AND for the last 160 days my partner who revels in domestic bliss with me (we just celebrated twelve years together) is sitting next to me all day as he works from home since the Covid crisis first fell on us,

Do I let my spouse cut in on work time? How long will let myself work BEFORE I feel guilty for not spending time with family, friends and so on. As an author and artist I need to advertise for myself constantly. Social media is now 99% of that now that I no longer have a studio in a commercial location. Everything is right here at home along with constant access to the internet. I have no hurry to be soemwhere at a certain time, no traffice, no consquences if I am five minutes late getting to my laptop. (Now called the Magic Machine).


and best of all, MENTAL is right in the word.

If your body is taxed your mind will suffer. I have ran myself ragged enough to know this. I was beyond suffering from mental strain years ago when I worked during the day and took a part time job that was over night. Staying up for forty hours straight was no big deal yet I eventually landed in the doctor’s office on antidepressants. AND found myself needing to drastically lower my caffeine intake, or die trying.

If your mental health is suffering because you are wracked with guilt, sadness, regret, or just so overwhelmed you shut down, then your body will suffer too. You’ll be slow, sluggish, fatigue, so tired but find you can’t sleep. Poor nutrition creeps into your daily food intake choices. Especially if you have had to work from home you have probably noticed a big change in not only what you eat but WHEN and HOW often you eat. For some people, like me, it has been a blessing in the fact I don’t need to grab food on the go, which would normally be not so great food on the go.

A big problem I had in compartmentalizing was being a people pleaser, saying yes to EVERYTHING, not wanting to let anyone down. I still do this to a point with proofreading, editing, collaboration projects, but I HAVE gotten better. And it has been just enough of a change that I don’t mentally feel overburdened or stressed that I won’t be able to follow through and then feel like a loser for letting EVERYONE DOWN.

IF you are exhausted mentally and physically you are no good to anyone.

How much time do YOU need to sleep to feel your best? What can you do? If you love to read or watch tv before bed, that is great but say HEY! Only One hour buddy. Do you eat late and feel bloated and blah at bedtime? Talk to your spouse, kids, whomever and say HEY! Can we try eating a little earlier on weeknights? You might have to re-compartmentalize a few things to reschedule but it could be so worth it if it is indeed a change you need.

I know it seems taking her advice is common sense but often we are better at knowing what other people need before we recognize it in ourselves. Let us all Take her advice, compartmentalize. I will and hope you do too.

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