Summer 2020 TBR rabbit hole

We all have a book list that grows and grows. I never even got around to reading all of 2019’s Christmas novels yet here I am planning my Summer reads. After the spring of 2020 you have either read book after book after book or you, like myself, have suffered from quernetine fatigue. Yes, it is a real thing, just something most of us have been lucky enough to not suffer from. So, yes QF is real and I suffered from it, I seem to be doing better and trying to get back to reviewing a book a day.

Now I normally only promote indie authors who don’t have much except their own money and marketing behind them. BUT I went and found all the traditional published novels coming out this summer by way of begging for ARCs off I have gotten my hands on some of these already thanks to Goodread’s giveaways and Netgalley but some are still too far away from publication for me to get yet, or if I HAVE to, pay full price for when they are released. Paying full price for physical books I usually save for my True Crime addiction, otherwise I go kindle. AND no I don’t think anyone needs to defend their choice between Physical Books, Kindle copies, or audio. A story is a story, absorb it anyway you can.

In my next post I will share with you my indie author’s new releases. Till then look at these pretty covers. ANY catch your eye?

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