Try, TRY ME, Jill Brashear, Author

I am so happy I was asked to read this book. A wonderful twist on why we need to fall in love in a vintage setting. When was the last time you read a love story set in Hawaii and California in the 1970’s? No cell phones, no social media, just you and your relationship.

First of all….I LOVE PEARL, she is honest and tough, and competes in a man’s world. World famous surfer dude, Declan, is your run of the mill romance story good looking guy who needs to look like he is a relationship to keep others away, so his manager pairs him with a new surfer, Pearl, to make them look like a couple during a touring competition while searching for the next big wave. The steam level takes on new meaning when they are in the tropical setting of Hawaii and it is rainy and humid, no help is needed to fog up the windows. And little swimsuits come off real easily. Now this isn’t your standard pretending to be in love trope that turns into real love, well it is BUT Declan and Pearl are coming off the heels of the Vietnam era, women not being seen as equal to men in any field, and Declan is still in the throws of the big loss the ocean’s waves have taken from him recently. Pearl helps him heal inside and out.

Jill Brashear is an author to keep your eye on.

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