Held is tragic and sexy, and yes that is possible.

Review of “Held” by TK Barber

The author herself warned me this would be different from her other books I have read, as she recently wrote a rom-com that was an adorable and enjoyable read. She was right, “Held” is “Texting The Enemy’s” deep dark, sexy, cousin. An awesome read for my twisted mind, but lovers of sweet, honest romance will be turned off. To these readers I say TK Barber is worth reading and she writes different levels of heat, you will find a book of hers you’ll love.

I would call this a DARK romance. A steamy Romance. Down right sexy. The tension that arises from Scarlet and Nick’s initial run in…he saves her life….escalates into the many characters lives intersecting in dark places. There are triggers of sexual assaults , Stockholm syndrome, murder, blackmail, manipulation. All sounds not very romantic at all but it is steamy, hot and primal. Nick doesn’t have time to keep saving Scarlet from her sadistic co-worker, he needs to save his sister. He can only save her by earning her freedom in the most damning way. I don’t want to give too much away on the way the three different couples all need one another to get through. In Nick’s own words: “The Universe was Sadistic.” On the bright side, chapter 24 will knock your socks off.

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