College Kid Turns Adult Romance

I was expecting a little fluff piece from the cover and as the author herself warned me about the tropes that lay within the pages. Tropes you can look forward to also : Best friend’s “sister”, Roommates, Matchmaker gone wrong, and an Imaginary love triangle. I was happy to read as it turned out to be so much more.

Amber is one moving van away from a real, solitary, grown up life and Jake is one moving truck away being utterly over the top self conscious all day. Though they have met before and felt an instant ‘lust at first sight’ Jake was told by frat bother , Evan, to stay away. Jake takes a shy seat to the alpha male and tries to stop even thinking about Amber, why risk it. Amber has no idea why Jake tries to keep a 10 foot distance from her at all times, she has no idea about frat boys calling dibs being a real thing, especially since they aren’t kids anymore.

The boil down of the story is over coming your insecurities, feeling comfortable on your own, and realizing sometime soon you need to grow up too. Author Austin has great potential to write some great stories where more than romance is what will bring great characters together.

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