Romance/Suspense Author Kari Shuey

Big Canvas Reads: Hello Kari, thank you for joining me today.  I’m so excited to pick your brain today, I’m having a fangirl moment.  For those that might not be familiar with your work can you give us a list of your novels?

KS: My novels in order of publication are: The Last Housekeeper, Someone Like You, Heart Heist: Securing the Sapphire, Her Deadly Defender, and Heart Heist: Ransoming the Rubies.

Big Canvas Reads: What genre do you consider yourself being a part of?

KS: I absolutely love romance, but I love twists more. I find I can write a more engaging story in the mystery/thriller genre. But I could never let go of that romantic in me. So, mash them together and I categorize myself in Romantic Suspense.

Big Canvas Reads: I have had  the pleasure of reading your ARCs and new Releases. And as you know I love them all.  But which one amongst  your different series has been your favorite to write? 

KS: That is a really hard question to answer. Each series has their own struggles and wins. But if pressed, I think I like the Securitech world more.

Big Canvas Reads: You tend to use the far west for your novel’s settings. Will you continue using cities in states such as Idaho and Utah or do you see yourself venturing elsewhere?  Do you yourself live in this area?

KS: I was raised in Utah and I currently reside in Idaho. I use these areas because I am familiar with them and they are easier to describe in my stories. I want to do a spin off with my Heart Heist series and set it in London but I will have to do a bit more research before I do so. I want to make sure my books are as authentic as I can make them.

Big Canvas Reads: It is no secret writers are creatures of habit.  Will you stick with writing, continuing your current series,  for your future suspenseful romances  or might you change things up? 

KS: I plan on putting out some more sweet romances, but most of my publications will be romantic suspense. You can’t beat the tension of a life threatening moment when combined with matters of the heart.

Big Canvas Reads:  Your novels involve security, theft, murder, kidnapping, all when the characters shouldn’t  be able to let anyone get by them?  Do think, in general, we can never be  too careful or no matter how well you prepare something can and will happen?  Does Being a parent change your mind on whether or not we can trust ourselves and our environment?

KS: Absolutely. In science we learn about variables. One of the biggest ones out there is human nature. We can never predict when someone will make a choice that ends up affecting our life. That’s why police officers, fire fighters, etc lose their lives every day. There are risks we just can’t prepare for. As a parent, I know I am not perfect, but I can educate myself to the best of my ability and know I am doing my best. I can teach my children to be alert and what they should do in any situation. And if something bad happens, sure, I will blame myself. But what it all boils down to is I can’t control anyone but me.

Big Canvas Reads:  Or is it all Murphy’s law and we are along for the ride?

KS: Meh, I don’t believe that we have a destiny per se. We all have talents we were born with. It is up to us whether we use them and foster them into something great. Otherwise they remain dormant. Everyone is influenced by things in their daily lives. I am a believer in nature, but also a big believer in the nurture part of maturing. We all have a tipping point that will take us down a certain path. But ultimately, we are in control of ourselves and even the “bad guys” can show reformation when they believe it is in their better interest. We can only change when we want to.

Big Canvas Reads:  Did you do any in person research on a big security firm and what standards they would hold their employees too? OR did that take a back seat to your setting and characters?

KS: Defintiely back seat to the characters and excitement in my stories. I don’t have a history in law enforcement or security. I have a good understanding of what would be expected due to all the tv shows and books I immerse myself in. I use those experiences to mold my backdrop.

Big Canvas Reads: At anytime were you thinking to yourself…”What am I thinking???”  when you started embarking on life as a writer?

KS: Nope. I just wanted to get my stories out there. I didn’t plan on marketing or pushing my brand. I just love to write. I have been told I have a natural ability and I just want to foster it. If I get a few fans along the way, that would be cool. But mostly I write to give myself a reprieve from the day-to-day.

Big Canvas Reads: The only thing that there is more of than books themselves is the advice out there about them.  Do you have any mentors or creative partners you would like to thank now that you have more than one novel out there for the world to read?

KS: My mother has been a great resource for my writing. She reads through the very rough draft and points out all the weird sentences and spots I trip over. Then there is my first mentor who is now my critique partner/light copy editor, Angela. She gets my book after a few betas go through it and suggests where I can do the final improvements. She also runs though it and edits it for the grammatical stuff. I couldn’t do this without them.

Big Canvas Reads: Wonderful, I won’t keep you much longer, promise.

KS: haha

Big Canvas Reads: What made you decide to write in the clean Romance Genre?  When your female MC in your Heart Heist series comes into predicaments I would have more than cussed a little at the bad guy a few feet away.

KS: Haha. I write clean romance because that is how I am. I’m not a cusser. I grew up reading the more clean stuff and it’s what made me want to write stories myself. Also, my mom is a clean reader. I don’t think she’d be very thrilled about reading my work if I didn’t stay in that genre. But on top of all that, I don’t think there is a need to have foul language or erotica in novels. If I do my job well, the storyline and characters will draw you in so much you won’t care about the other stuff. Sometimes it’s just filler anyway. And yes, there is a place for the steamy stuff. There is definitely a market for it. It’s just not my style.

Big Canvas Reads: Do you mainly read in the clean romance genre or do you branch out?

KS: I read all kinds of stuff. I think the only genre I pull away from would be horror. But these days vampires and werewolves are in that genre and I can’t resist a romance with those creatures.

Big Canvas Reads: Working on something new?  Or is that a dumb question?

KS: I am currently working on The Phantom Code and the third installment of the Heart Heist Series: Protecting the Pearl. Next on my list depends. I have had a few people request Abby and Gavin’s story continue. I also have an idea to give Windsor his Happy Ever After. We will see.

Big Canvas Reads: Please share where people can find you and your novels….

KS: You can find me on my website, facebook: karishueyauthor, twitter: kari_shuey, Instagram, goodreads, bookbub, and booksprout. Oh and all my books are amazon exclusives. If the book isn’t available as a freebie to my newsletter subscribers, it will be on Kindle Unlimited.

Big Canvas Reads: and lastly before we go… or tea?

KS: Hot cocoa all the way.

Big Canvas Reads: Hardcover, paperback, audio, or ebook?

KS: All of them. Well, I am getting used to audio books. I like the idea of them instead of music but sometimes the narrator has a voice I don’t quite like.

Big Canvas Reads: Favorite literary character?

KS: I love the Hunger Game series and the Green Rider Series. The main female characters in each of those are awesome.

Big Canvas Reads: Thank you Kari.   And thanks to the audience, don’t forget the best thing you can do for your favorite authors is read and review and as always, bring attention to piracy and bootleg copies.

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