What I can DO for YOU

I fancy myself a professional reviewer. If I have time to read then why not help my fellow authors out while I am at. If you , or a fellow writer friend, has a book that needs reviews feel free to ask me. Please keep in mind I do NOT read High Fantasy. YA, horror, even erotica is fine, I review based on that genre and its standards and only after that do add my two cents on the story, flow, characters, ect.

Outside of the blog I upload my links to my facebook group and twitter account. I regularly post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. I can review on Barnes&Noble, kobo, and apple books upon request. I also would love to ask the author a few Q&As to post on blog after I review their novel.

And lastly I offer my services to Beta read, I particular love Beta Reading for Authors I have previously read or reviewed. Long lasting partnerships in this business are worth their weight in Gold.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, my facebook group Hit Publish! and on Goodreads.

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