Six years ago someone she knew took her and in three days irrecoverable damage occurred that would have a domino effect on people from Virginia to Colorado. She escaped her few days of hell and lived on the run, but no one can run forever especially with a child as your co-pilot. When she gets caught trying to ‘play house’ in an empty house she is busted as a hardened criminal. The romantic Alpha male Owen feels overprotective of “Jane” and her daughter and he doesn’t stop till she is safe and he uses all the resources available to him to learn why she was on the run in the first place. Falling for “Jane Smith” and making room in his life for a little girl is probably a little frowned upon by the criminal justice system but it makes for a good story. I loved that Miss Spicer used the child character wisely. Instead of the child, Lee, being a boring, but obligatory character, Lee plays several important roles. Though there are some far flung holes in Val’s six year story it all comes together and makes a page-turner story. For fans of Chevy Stevens and Lisa Gardner. I can’t wait to tell you about the next novel Stephanie Spicer writes for us.

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