Manor of Faking It

Manor of Faking It: The Clarion Abbey Series Book #1 By HADLEY HARLIN

I have been waiting for Miss Harlin to give me the green light on “A Manor Of Faking It” going live for me to review. I beta read for her a few months back and fell in love with this rich, steamy, decadence of Poppy and Finn.

At first I rolled my eyes at little miss Poppy who makes her way through life as an Instagram influencer. I’m 45 and it still boggles my mind that people make money on social media. She has her camera man with her and they are filming live the day her world in California crumbles. Luckily she has a place to go, Jolly old England where she will go after her ten year hiatus in the USA comes to an end. Dear old Poppy’s Pop has Passed (say that five times fast) and she is the best one suited to make sure the Earldom he built doesn’t fall into disrepair.

While Poppy tells her followers she is hopping the pond Finlay Creedwell the 15th Marquess of Damford is a pilot, technically (you are picturing Tom Cruise in aviators, aren’t you?) but for the most party he is a rich aristocratic party boy who shames his family by ending up int he papers almost daily. He literally can’t even go to a club and keep it in his pants, this guy has no shame, no filter, and he knows he oozes sexiness….ugh the worst kind of guy right???

What else do the rich aristocrats do but throw parties. Poppy takes a break form restoring her own Manor and attends one where she runs into Finn and the sparks from years ago are still there. But since he has sparks for every woman alive she doesn’t take him and his interest too serious. If she resisted his advances this would be apretty short novel now wouldn’t it??

Read and get lost in the steamy scenes of broken zippers, the ripping of expensive dresses, Sex in the rain (think the rated R version of the kissing in the rain scene from The Notebook).

Amazon has put this in the Erotica category and that is so wrong as it is not like Erotica I have read, it is 100% on par in its language with the steamy romances already out there.

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