Inherent Truth

Alicia Anthony starts a new series, Blood Secrets, with “Inherent Truth”

First of all I dislike calling this a paranormal romance. It happens to have events that swirl around a woman,Liv, who happens to be psychic. I don’t want people to pass over this thinking werewolves, vampires or the like. There are ghosts, but they only come to Liv as part of her psychic ability and vivid dreams. Liv’s grandma and other characters come to her in these dreams and she must return to her home town to act on it after her grandma appears with a message on the day of her death. The author does an amazing job at building suspense, giving us a main character we will root for no matter what and feel empathy for as you turn the page as quickly as you can. I do feel Liv deserves a place where she feels she truly belongs. She also deserves love outside of the Ridge situation but we will just have to see how it plays out in the series. The pace and plot are all right on target for fans of romantic suspense. Fans of Karin Slaughter will love Alicia Anthony.

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