Broken Dreams


BROKEN DREAMS A Broken Promise NOVEL BY Charlotte Brice

This book is definitely for mature eyes only. Knowing this you will want to dive head first into a paranormal romp. We meet a girl we’ll call “Heather”. She meets a group of bros outside a bar and in a very quick “what do i have to lose” situation she ends up living with a shapeshifter, a werewolf, and a vampire, all while she is trying to discover who or WHAT she is since her identity and general memories are lost to her . The “men” accompany her on trips around town to see what sparks her memory. When she isn’t busy trying to make the Manor more homey they are all taking turns sparking her lady parts. Is werewolf style still called doggie style?
I wanted to give Charlotte a higher star rating in my reviews and ratings around the web for her originality and knack for writing great sex trysts BUT I found the whole remodeling the library thing odd, basically a space filler. I also found her transitions from scene to scene or from paragraph to paragraph abrupt. I’m the weirdo that want an A+ story with her XXX. The unicorn of good writing.

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