ASK Stephanie Spicer

Part II of review on “Thief”. I took the opportunity to ask the author a few questions.

Why do you think Val stayed somewhat close?

Well, she actually started out in Virginia, then moved to an undisclosed state before running away from her boss. Then she ended up in Denver where she lost her car, and could only get as far as Bridgemoor on foot.

In 6 years she could have gotten pretty far away. Does Owen truly love her outside of the need to take care of her?

Owen loves her because of her willingness to fight back with snarky responses even after everything she’s been through. He sees the strength that she doesn’t think she has. As well as her humor, wit, and the way she is dedicated to Lee. Then he also fell in love with Lee for her sweetness and directness.

Thank you for answering my questions Stephanie, now get back to writing:)

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