Lacey Doyle Series

book 1

By Fiona Grace

I very much enjoyed the irony that I found at every turn of this novel. Me to,o Lacey Doyle, me too. Poor Lacey is getting Divorced and she doesn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the means to run back to Europe where I had idyllic family vacations but I started over too. Having been there, done that, I am a little jealous of Lacey when things come together a little too easily.  She leaves the country, doesn’t get a tourist or work visa but buys a very recently vacant store front in a little tourist town In England. She sets up shop selling antiques which demands a lot of capital to build inventory (I have known people who have taken part in this kind of store as their livelihood) her new little life is good cloud she lives under is soon fades as she is the prime suspect when a member of the community, she recently did business with, is killed.  And this isn’t the first crime in a short amount of time  in this small tourist hamlet that is busy preparing for Easter.  With the whole town as suspects, why is everyone looking at the American?   Beautiful setting, fun characters, a great dog (which I hope is the dog in book #2).  And don’t forget about the hot Baker across the street. Oh, lala.

Book 2 in the Series

In book 2 we see Lacey prepare for her first auction. She has found that a sextant she paid very little for is worth a pretty penny. Some American tourists want to buy it regardless of the cost but she sticks to her guns saying it will only be part of the auction and proceeds will go to Charity in order to clear her guilt of having come across the valuable item for a mere fraction of its worth. Remember what happened to the last person Lacey did business with? Adding to this repeated story line is the fact that another outsider has come to the village to set up shop, this time instead of looking at the American as a suspect, we look at the new Aussie in town when the murder goes down. I do like that in this installment Lacey questions the easy comforts of her relationship with sexy baker from across the street, Tom. Little things that are sweet in the beginning of a relationship that she is just now experiencing with Tom are the same things she found suffocating at the end of her marriage. I’m glad the author brings up a little bit of negativity because an antique dealer and a baker being able to run around town when they should be working in their respected businesses that make money too easily is a little of a stretch. Even though the murder seemed wrapped up too easily this time. A cozy mystery indeed, with emphasis on too cozy this time around. This 2nd go around with witty characters is also riddled with way too many spelling and grammatical errors that I hope the author, Fiona Grace, doesn’t repeat in the next and last, two books in the series.

NOW don’t get me wrong, I do like this series and the next two are slated for release and I will read them.

book 3
book 4

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