Mail Order Persuasion

Today we look at “Mail Order Persuasion” by Floridian, Farrah Lee. This is the prequel to her Hawthorne Romance Series. The first book in the series is “Mail Order Mistletoe” which is how I found Author Farrah Lee.

Kellan Hawthorne does two things: work and fly. He is a lawyer who is so rich he doesn’t even care about money. He eats at near by diners and works with clients in Hotel Restaurants. The best part of Kellan is he doesn’t come off as a rich pompous *ss. If anything he is lonely, tired, and sweet. He only thinks about work till he literally runs into the tiny Hurricane named Poppy. WOW, Poppy is a mess. Entering her thirties she thought she was on the right track. She was so wrong. In a few chapters we see her life boil down to living out of her giant purse and sleeping at work. Her only happiness lies in a little pet ferret, Lionel. WHICH I love that the author put this in here. I know tons of folks with ferrets yet they never show up as pets in novels. While Kellan is working He literally RUNS into Poppy more than once, she pays no attention to her surroundings, but you will understand why. Kellan must return home to the states and even though he can’t stop thinking about Poppy he agrees to let his aunt enter his information in a matchmaking service. Now Sienna is Poppy’s best friend and she has a great idea too. Enter Poppy into a mail order bride service to solve all of her issues, such as a roof over her head instead of sleeping in a cafe. This is a sweet, clean, Happily Ever After with colorful characters, great quirks, secondary characters that fulfill their purpose. The Dialogue and local vernacular of the characters is top notch, you will not be disappointed.

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