Under A Christmas Moon

“Under a Christmas Moon” by Savannah Ford

Five days till Christmas. You still have plenty of time to get yourself through a few Christmas novels. May I suggest this one? Today we are looking at Savannah Ford’s ‘Under a Christmas Moon’. First of all the location of the story made my heart very happy. I am a Midwest girl and I can’t celebrate Christmas anywhere else but the frozen tundra. Elf Hollow is a fictional town but I know where it is exactly. I know the area so well I could drive you right to the B&B where Quinn and her lively-hood flourish this time of year. The Town of Elf Hollow always has big plans around the Holidays with guests and locals alike. This year though the unofficial King and Queen of their Minnesota gem of a town have passed on and have left a very difficult set of family revelations aired in a last will and testament. Ash and his brother Eric have no idea they had a great aunt in Minnesota let alone one that put them on the receiving end of her properties. Eric has responsibilities and knows no matter what he just wants to cut ties, take the money and run. Ash has to stay and see things through, including convincing Quinn to leave her home and business so a Ski Lodge can come into town. Now our Author of this Christmas Novel is a self acclaimed Hallmark movie fan, especially the Christmas ones. With that knowledge, and common sense, we know Ash and Quinn are going to butt heads while lusting after each other when out of each other’s line of sight. I’m going to give Ford her props though….it is not that predictable, I really thought for awhile Ash screwed things up royally. But after you are finished you realize Quinn being judgmental set the relationship back, not Ash’s actions. AND there are the layers of each character’s personality revealed to the reader , giving the reader a better understanding of how and why the Big city boy and small town girl are the way they are. This is a sweet, clean, HEA that you can still read in time to enjoy this holiday season.

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