Deadly Defender

Alright, I’m a little ahead of myself, funny because normally I’m that last little duckling in a row that can’t quiet catch up. It’s just that I read the, yet to be released “Deadly Defender” by author Kari Shuey and I want to talk about it now. Her novel “Deadly Defender” is #2 in the series that kicked off in September with “The Last Housekeeper” (Securitech Inc. Series Book 1).

I’ll give it 5 stars as soon as Kari Shuey gives me the release date. I love this book! Bookish Emily thinks she will be able to relax and take in a little sun poolside in Florida. She is wrong. It takes her awhile to be convinced she is being followed but we have no idea by who. Most importantly her new bodyguard has no idea who he is protecting her from either. What started out as a surveillance job now has Max Locke in full protection mode 24/7. His employer, Securitech, won’t tell him who hired them because it shouldn’t matter, he has a job to do. But it tries him to no end that Emily has no idea how serious things really are and the best thing for her would to be put on a leash. Since the beyond dreamy (I was secretly hoping this would turn into a steamy bondage read just to further my imagination of Max along, but no it’s ‘clean’.) So since the very dreamy Max has to keep Emily safe without a leash he goes under the ruse of being her cousin that is fixing up things at her, almost out of business, Bookshop. Anyone that comes in and out of the shop’s stacks could be the troublemaker. Being this involved with a client is not Max’s cup of tea and he notices his loyalties are starting to blur. He needs to protect the girl , try not to fall in love with the girl, and keep his career.

There is romance, but it isn’t your face, tension from the get go. THERE is suspense, thrills, fires, kidnappings, and all the other things that make yours truly, gasp aloud.

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