Backward Blessings

“Backward Blessings” by Rachel A. Andersen

A lovely little book that has great cast of characters that intersect for one week around Thanksgiving.
A man named Jake is a pilot and he shows up to an event in his dress blues? Yes, please! Luckily Teresa is already in his sights since he is staying at her Bed in Breakfast in Blessings, Kansas.
Jake tries a little harder than he normally would to get a lady’s attention but he placed a bet with his sister that he would attend and enjoy the town’s festivities in an attempt for her to lay over her judgement and meddling.
Teresa is very protective of her and her son’s little world as her and Logan are coming off the spiral of being left behind by Logan’s father, Colin.
Rachel A. Andersen is a treat for fans of Debbie Macoomber and Robyn Carr. Enjoy the whole series that embraces the lives of people in the midwest.

Backward Blessings: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (Blessings of Love Book 6)

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