Fame You by Hattie Lou

Happy Sunday everyone. Today We look at my review for The Romance Novel “Fame You” by Hattie Lou. I wasn’t going to review this one yet because I have a few ahead of her BUT I had an email reminding me hers needed to be on Booksprout by 12/16/19. Easier to do it all at once right? And does anyone else feel that Amazon has been extra picky, or weird, with their approving reviews lately? They even flagged my review of M&Ms…really amazon?

More than a Romance novel a little longer than most romance novels i have read lately.
I enjoyed the story of Olivia and Luke more than I thought I would because I do judge a book by its cover. The cover to me looks as the whole novel will be about this actor guy living the smug life in Hollywood when really it is more than that and more than a romance.
Olivia meets Luke’s mother, Katherine , when she is crying at a cemetery when she is pregnant, 19, and widowed. Katherine has recently suffered the same fate and the two women intertwine their lives while, Luke continues to be a big start in Hollywood.
Five years later Luke comes to say Hi to mom only to find out she has dementia and Olivia and her daughter live under the same roof as caretakers.
You read on to see if this egotistical Hollywood brat can put away his crazy ideas that Olivia wants to take all the family money and women everywhere, including this Olivia, should fall at his feet everywhere he goes.
He was too busy to visit and now Katherine is fading fast and doesn’t know her own son. Olivia, young and single, is tempted by the tan actor but she unsure of whether or not to believe him that his relationship with the model, Erika, is real or a show to get attention in the shiny magazines.
Enjoy this read by Hattie Lou to see if you really can go home again and if you do go back home, will anyone even want you there?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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