“Christmas on Henderson Island” by Laura Wolf

Today, was suppose to be Friday’s Post 12/13/19 but I was delayed. But here we are today, have no fear.

Christmas On Henderson Island by Laura Wolf is a sweet, clean, HEA. Yes it has the predictability of a romance that starts with a billionaire and his work place. Tristan, CEO of King Industries works his employees everyday of the year. He doesn’t see his family for the holidays , thus he doesn’t take into consideration that his employees would actually like to be with their families on Christmas. His PA Alex comes from a close knit Pennsylvania Family the Hannigans. Of course Alex’s family is upset that their daughter will be on a plane with her boss during Christmas instead of with the family on the ranch.

Alex boards the private plane piloted by her boss, Tristan. Not too long after take off being at home on the Ranch seems like a dream that Alex may never see again. What follows are two people who reverse their roles in life and must be one unit and no longer boss and employee. Without giving too much away, Alex tells Tristan she will not work for someone like him anymore if they ever do make it back home. Tristan wants and needs to keep Alex in his life and he needs to win her over on Henderson Island and back home.

A romance novel I assumed I would find predictable, lead to me gasping aloud at a traumatic event and fall in love with a story of hard earned love and trust. More than that it shined a light on family relationships, who we are in our childhoods compared to our adult selves, the stress and of being thrown into a public spotlight, and most importantly, it shines a light on the pollution of our oceans. Please don’t read this wonderful novel with a throw away plastic bottle in your hand. Enjoy!

REMEMBER! If you read any of the wonderful novels I recommend form the stellar authors of HIT PUBLISH! (facebook group) please leave reviews for them on Amazon, Goodreads, Thirftbooks, Ebay, and the list goes on. Your HONEST review can do wonders for an indie author.

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