A Little Christmas Pretense

Hello my Lovelies today we take a look at “A Little Christmas Pretense” by Rachel A. Anderson.

All young girls, and some boys, not only watch and read “Cinderella” stories but hold on to that idea and keep it near and dear. Anderson takes her spin on this classic tale in her Christmas novella, A Little Christmas Pretense. #1 in her Need A Little Christmas Series. She has a Thanksgiving Story available, check that one out too.

Cindy, poor Cindy, she works her tail off at a publishing company, every book lover’s dream. She is a personal assistant when she should be heading the meetings NOT scheduling them. But money is money, one must pay the bills, even though her mother, Carol, says she come back home anytime. As Carol has been lonely since her beloved husband passed. Cindy knows she has to start somewhere and off to work she goes.

Bad news at work in Kansas City. The publishing house is going to go through some changes and being the company gopher Cindy is sent to the airport to pick up the new CEO and his assistant. Or so she thinks. SSSHHH. No spoilers.

Cindy’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and she even helps some coworkers get the attention they deserve. Richard Prince has every intention to only be in Kansas City long enough to help his boss pick the next president of Fortescue Publishing. Cindy knows better to not fall for a guy that will be gone before Christmas. But does Richard egg her on? Yes.

This is a sweet, CLEAN, story that fans of fairy-tales and Hallmark Movies will love and devour in one sitting. Available as an e-book to buy on Amazon and KU.

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