“Under The Collar”

Welcome! My First review is for yet to be released “Under the Collar” by French author Josephine Huet. Yes, it is written in English with little bits of French and Italian sprinkled in, though it adds to the story and not distracting.

Now I thought I was reading a predictable romance of a young lady who works for a priest and he would be so beautiful he would leave the priesthood for her. I was very wrong.

There is a crime, more than one, a few people running scared, blackmail, all along with people trying to live normal safe lives. Which is really difficult when also trying to navigate a new relationship. Some not in their home land Of England but rather in unfamiliar areas of France.

The love story. I was very happy to read on and be surprised. TWO stubborn, preoccupied individuals are sexy and single at the same time. Of Course. But Its still complicated.

This is not a “clean” romance but is not over the top explicit, the characters in consenting relationships behave as they should. There are “trigger warnings” to mention though as there is rape and blackmail and a females suffering PTSD caused my predatory males.

I highly recommend this novel for fans of crime, suspense, romance, forbidden love, and twisted family secrets.

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