Introducing Myself

  • I’m a stay at home author, reader, reviewer, and cat mom.

I love promoting indie authors by alpha and beta reading and whatever else I can do to help people HIT PUBLISH!

Join my facebook group HIT PUBLISH to follow authors and get links to their new novels. Sometimes for free!

  • I read and love almost everything. ALMOST. I must say , Historical Fiction and Memoirs are my favorite genres.

My favorite well established authors are Adriana Trigani, Lisa See, Joshilyn Jackson, Kate Atkinson, and Beatrize Williams.

Favorite indie authors are Roz Carter, Yawatta Hosby, Lauren Bach, Cate Noble, MJ Hague, TK Barber, and C. Mobberly….for starters! There are so many talented minds out there. I add to this list constantly as I’m blessed that authors trust me to read for them early in their novel’s publication process.

My favorite author of all time is Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have devoured her whole series several times in my last 40+ years. I have read every book that has been published about her, her family, her life, and her legacy. I have visited EVERY place she ever set foot and my lovely Life partner, bored out of his mind, followed along. I think all of the family’s grave sites were very dull to him but Beautiful to me.

I’m also an artist who has taught art, sold art (while I’m still alive), and now buys more supplies than I will ever use in my modest little studio.

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